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My AC stopped blowing cold air today - 6 month old 75D


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Aug 30, 2017
Very odd, we were driving and it was blowing outside air which was very warm and humid. We turned the climate on and off and it seemed to fix it, but then I noticed a very odd buzzing/humming sound. It was so distinct I could feel it on the brake and steering wheel. Getting it checked at the SC next week, anyone ever experience this?
Same issue for me. Happened to me after Supercharging on a hot day. Toggling ac on off, no go. Turned car off. Tried resetting MCU. Nothing worked. Inside temps hit over 100 degree. Called customer assistance. They said I would need a ranger to come by and look at it. As soon as I arrived home MCU reset itself then next day it worked fine and has been fine for a week now... weird stuff.
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Ours is fine but we got a call from Tesla today saying there was a new bulletin recommending replacement of an AC valve to prevent this exact problem.

Problem still happening today. Ac is functioning less than optimal. The buzzing sound is coming from the front right near the wheel. Confirmed the buzz goes away when i turn the AC off
This might be your issue.
A week after I got the MS, it's been awesome, about a year now.


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