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My AutoPilot 3.0 Upgrade Experience

Hi all,

Sorry for the long post but I think it's important to share my experience in case someone else encounters something similar.

Two weeks ago, I had an appointment scheduled for my car to fix the half-shaft shudder. At the same time, the service center informed me that my car would be retrofitted to the 3.0 AP CPU (great). What follows is my experience and a cautionary tale to a degree.

2019 S 100D MCU2 / AP 2.5 being retrofitted to 3.0

First and foremost, the service I received at the Tesla service center in Wilmington DE & later via mobile was top-notch. I generally have had really good experiences with service so far and this was no different.

Upon arriving at the service center on a Friday, the advisor told me that the CPU upgrade required a firmware update and sometimes they had to do the update more than once because it wouldn't load properly. Later that day, I received notice via my app that a software update was applied to my car and completed successfully. The service advisor confirmed via text that the AP 3 computer was installed and updated properly on the first try.

When I went to pick up my car on Monday, the advisor told me that the cameras needed to be calibrated and just to drive home normally and all should be good. Somewhere along my 30 mile drive home, camera calibration completed and I got a message on the IC that everything was good. I immediately enabled Autopilot so I could check out the new driving visualizations. Within 5 seconds of enabling autopilot, the car screamed at me to take control immediately and I received a message that cruise control was disabled.

When I got home and pulled into my driveway (next to my wife's car), my Tesla started making a loud beeping noise I never heard before and wouldn't stop until I powered off the car (more on this later). I went out for another drive and as soon as I engaged AP, the cruise control disabled message appeared on the cluster.

More importantly, the driver visualization was kind of glitchy. I didn't see any of the new items I was expecting (traffic lights, stop signs, etc...) and I noticed when I pulled behind cars, it appear my car was overlapping the one in front of me. Cars around me were jittery and jumpy, and the whole thing seemed off. So - no autopilot, no TACC, and incorrect visualizations.

So what happened?

I made a follow-up service appointment via the app including some videos of what I was seeing and I was scheduled for mobile service. The next day, a mobile tech contacted me to get some more information so he could check the logs on the car. What he found was even though the firmware appeared to update properly when the service center applied the new firmware for the 3.0 CPU, it did not and several control modules were not updated despite the car saying everything was fine.

This semi-failed update caused two main issues with the car:
1. The cruise control system (including AP) was malfunctioning
2. (more importantly and I think what caused the first issue) The sensors were being fooled into thinking objects were closer to the car than they really were. This is why the car would constantly beep whenever I pulled next to another car, went through a toll plaza, sat at a red light, etc...

The second item was an important one because it actually made the car somewhat unsafe to drive. Case in point, I'd be driving down the road and suddenly the lane keep/crash avoidance system would engage because the car thought I was too close to the lane marker or heading off the road even though I was driving perfectly straight. It would try to suddenly steer the car to the left or right - one time almost sending me into a car next to me. I eventually wound up disabling all the driver-assist functionality until the issue could be resolved. Still beeped all the time though.

What the car was doing:
AP Failure to Engage

The Beeping (this got really annoying)

Visualization Glitches

So how was it resolved?

The mobile tech attempted to push a new firmware update to the car but it failed to download. He went back to the software engineers and supposedly they crafted a specific update for my car which was able to be downloaded and installed. Once the update was installed, all issues were resolved and car now behaves like it should (which is a relief).

First - I can't overstate how good the service was that I received. While it would've been nice to not have my car try to kill me on the highway :), the service center and later the mobile tech were in constant communication and answered all of my questions right away. It took about a week from the time I left the service center until the issue was identified and resolved.

Second - for anyone getting the AP 3 retrofit done, be 100% certain the firmware update completes successfully. It's not immediately apparent until the camera calibration is complete and AP can be engaged. In my case, the service center had no indication that a portion of the update failed and it wasn't until the mobile tech looked at the logs that he could see the failures happening. I'd suggest having the service center do the camera calibration prior to picking up the car.

The end of the story is Tesla was able to figure out and resolve the issue for me but again I wanted to share the experience so anyone else who is having the AP 3 retrofit done will know some things to look for.

Thanks all,

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