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My car goes to sleep...............while it's on

I lose streaming, voice control, and I'm not sure what else. Trying to use voice control of anything, navigation, music, phone, gets "try again". Streaming stops, although we can tell sometimes when the problem is coming, it skips on the streaming. Kind of like an older CD player skips if you hit a speed bump really fast. It will be playing something and then skips to the next song mid-song for no reason at all. And then it stops.

They told us to use the voice control and say "report", when this happens, but we can't do that, it , the voice control, doesn't work.

Internet bars stay at three or four.

My car, 2014, is under warranty.

Tesla sent a mobile tech out to look at it, and while he was hooked up to it with his laptop lucky for me it did its thing. He said, "I've never seen that. The car just went to sleep while it was on". It's done it since the day I bought it, from Tesla, the day I bought it they "changed a board", as it was having problems in their parking lot, and they said that fixed it. It didn't.

Does anyone else or has anyone else had this problem?
If anyone cares or had the same problem, they are changing out my communications board, which will now get me LTE/4G, and for reasons I couldn't figure out are also changing the screen.

If the car "went to sleep" I could never reach it with the app, and I think 100% of the time, wherever the car was parked, if it had "gone to sleep' it did not have connectivity for a while, ever. Also when steaming songs would randomly stop and another would start.

Anyway, those were the problems, I'm liking he solution if it works.
The flash memory chip on your MCU went out most likely, so they swapped it and gave you the 4g upgrade also. Even though it’s just a small part, they swap the whole MCU unit since it’s soldered on and then they send them out and have them refurbished.