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"my" damaged Roadster 2.5 (EU VIN 0447) is for sale

In case anyone was wondering what happened to my crashed Roadster... damage exceeded €33.000,- so the leasecompany didn't want to repair it any more, making it an economical total loss. They sold it, and now you can buy it from a damaged cars dealer for €39.750,- Netto export price: €32.851,-

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NB: They got some of the extra's wrong... the headlights aren't Xenon. Seats are microfiber, not alcantara. There is no such thing as power steering on a Tesla, etc...
NB2: not sharing this because I'm the seller... I'm in no way attached to the car anymore, except for emotionally :crying:
let's do a group buy of this car with all TMC members .... :)
this is a great source for spare parts ....

EDIT : but these cars are too beautifull to be ripped in pieces !
it really deserves to be repared to it's original state !
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Indeed... If you add the damage-estimation of 33K to the price, you would have to spend 72.000 (worst case... could probably be repaired much cheaper) on it to be back on the road again. And then you would have a Tesla Roadster that has been sitting in a storage for over a month now, without being put into storage mode, no fuse has been pulled, et cetera. In other words: your battery would be dying.
"my" damaged Roadster 2.5 (EU VIN 0447) is for sale

If the car hasn't been plugged in for weeks the battery could be toast.
Surely the seller is keeping it plugged in? Tell them if they don't maintain the battery, the value of the car they are trying to sell is close to nothing. No one will buy it at anywhere near there asking price if the battery is bricked.
It is very sad to see a Roadster in such a sorry state. [emoji22]
Price seem to be rather high when compared to other used Roadsters... You can buy a very Orange Roadster in Germany for €62'000,= and that's probably just the asking price.


That one has battery issues...

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LOL @ BartJ

m0rph: Yes, I drove about 50-60K last year. My last CAC reading wasn't that good, because it had been in service for over a week after a period of overheating problems. I saw it go down from CAC ~140 to 135.

I also saw a drop when I had overheating problems, but it recovered a bit after that. Now at 148.3 @ 63000km, "aiming" for >140 at 100000km
Do you consider buying another roadster btw?