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My disaster of a delivery experience (No quality control)

I took delivery of my X six days ago. Below is my experience and list of issues after five days. Also, this is my 4th Tesla (3 prior Model S's), so I am accustomed to the quirks/autopilot/delivery experience, but this has been quite a decline.

I received the delivery texts and emails from...someone. Was it my sales advisor? I have no idea since none had a name. But they did ask me questions, and I did respond back numerous times with questions of my own, and nobody ever responded back to me. I even sent a few asking for someone to call me which never happened. I received a phone call from someone 45 minutes prior to delivery asking if I was still coming because they had no record of my responses. Once I arrived at the service center, the rep DID see all my texts and emails but admitted nobody had read them or replied.

I was not allowed to look at the car prior to signing everything. Once I signed the documents, they handed me the key cards and told me to text or email if I found any issues. I brought up, again, that nobody ever replied to the delivery texts/emails that I sent, and I was assured they had fixed the issue and made sure the person responsible would not drop the ball again. Great. I asked where the car was, and I was told "somewhere in the lot...it might be that one in front." The sales guy was correct...and it was the only X on the lot in a sea of 3s and Ys, so not that hard to find. I unlocked it with the app to make sure it was mine and headed over to look it over. I did not notice any issues on the exterior...no panel gaps, the door handles lined up, no dents/scratches, and the falcon doors opened and closed successfully. I can't say I have ever felt the need to test the doors of a new car before to make sure they were capable of opening, so that was a first.

As for the interior, I honestly did not do a thorough job looking it over before leaving likely because Tesla already made me accept delivery and some of the issues would not have appeared until later. If there were any issues, I would have been driving the 100 miles back to the service center anyways. I spent some time removing the blue plastic protection film from random places in the interior where they had somehow missed it. Rear view mirror, door sills, etc. Then I decided to head home. I put my foot on the brake and it told me to place the key card on the phone charger. Not detected. Tried the other one. Not detected. Found the pairing screen...didn't work. Got out of the vehicle and it locked. Tried unlocking with the key card...didn't work. I had to go back inside, wait in line, and then they had service come out and fix the key cards.

I then headed home. Calibration took maybe 3 or 4 miles. It was quick. I turned on autopilot and found that no amount of tugging on the yoke was enough to clear the "put your hands on the wheel" without also disengaging autopilot. Never had that issue on my prior S's. The yoke was honestly easier to become accustomed to than expected. I hit the wrong turn signal a few times, but otherwise it's fine. I can't steer with my knee anymore though. LOL. There are also zero rattles which is a first for any Tesla I have owned. I also noticed the passenger floor mat was not there while driving home. Neither was the rear floor mat. I found both rolled up in the trunk once I got home.

And now come the issues.

1. My garage has 30" of clearance on the driver's side. The first two times I opened the falcon door, it promptly opened right into the wall instead of more vertically as it should. Possible sensor issue? It did not even beep...just opened into the wall and maintained pressure against the wall. Pulling down on the door resulted in it fighting the pressure and opening back into the wall again. I have not tried opening it in the garage again. The service center will be testing the door sensors.
2. I spotted a brown stain on the passenger seat coming out of one of the vent holes. I touched it, and some liquid transferred to my finger. I tried cleaning it off which did not work. Then I spotted another brown stain...and another. They are VERY noticeable on the white seats. After my wife sat in the seat for the first time, we found even more. Possible glue from inside the seat that did not cure? The service center has ordered a replacement front passenger seat.
3. We did a road trip this weekend into the mountains. Autopilot was constantly engaging and disengaging because the wheel did not seem capable of detecting hands or slight movement like my prior S did. After stopping to supercharge, the cameras were all disabled upon leaving. No backup camera, no side cameras when hitting the turn signal...just black boxes on the screen where they should be. I called ownership (30 minutes on hold) who had me pull over and clear the calibration and restart the computer. That fixed the cameras AND the wheel is sensing our hands much easier now too. This issue is seemingly resolved.
4. I sat in the 3rd row to see how roomy it was and the stitching around the cupholder completely ripped apart the moment my butt hit the seat. I can't even tell what was supposed to hold the fabric in. It was possibly just tucked under the lip of the cupholder a few millimeters? The service center ordered a replacement 3rd row.
5. Two nights later, I got an alert on my phone that a window was left open in the car. Considering it was below freezing and had been snowing when we arrived, that was...odd. I checked the car, and the passenger window was halfway down. I rolled it up, and as soon as I let go of the button, it rolled down about 3 inches, stopped for a moment, and then rolled down another inch. Restarting the computer did not resolve the issue. Now the car is more exciting to drive because it's freezing inside with one window halfway open. If the button is held, it will stay closed until the button is released. Added this to the list for the service center.
6. I finally did a thorough inspection inside and found one more odd issue. There is a very thin black wire/string coming out of the driver's seat and going back in. This is in the venting holes. It literally comes out one hole and goes back in another and sticks out just enough to grab it with pliers. but pulling on it lightly makes me think it's attached inside somewhere, and I don't want to damage it further. That makes 4 of the 6 seats with issues.

The earliest service center appointment (assuming they can get the parts by then) is a month away. I feel like telling Tesla they can make my first payment since I seemingly won't be driving it in winter with a window halfway down for a month.


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Nov 22, 2018
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It seems like nothing is convincing me more and more to go with a new MB EQS SUV or Rivian than new user experiences on the forums. I'm relatively happy with my 2018 MX and it has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever had. The Tesla service centers, however, have lied to me more time than Ford, Honda and Acura ever have in 2 decades.

One would think their service would improve with time. The rush to get you out sounds worse than the M3 push I had when picking up my MX in Sept 2018. Mooooo.
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I finally got my service center on the phone today. I had left 6 voicemails with them so far but nobody called back, so I decided to call non-stop this morning until someone answered, and someone answered on the first try.

They did not explain why the mobile tech no-showed yesterday. They did not know why nobody responded back to my service requests in the app and admitted they have to respond within 24 hours. It's been 7 days and not one message from them. Supposedly all 4 seats that have to be replaced are ordered too. They are "trying" to have a mobile tech come out to fix the HomeLink issue too (it never trains...just says successful immediately after entering in the garage door name).


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Oct 20, 2010
NE Oklahoma
It seems like nothing is convincing me more and more to go with a new MB EQS SUV or Rivian than new user experiences on the forums. I'm relatively happy with my 2018 MX and it has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever had. The Tesla service centers, however, have lied to me more time than Ford, Honda and Acura ever have in 2 decades.
Agreed. Disappointing long-time owners is stupid IMO. That being said, the recent announcement of MB charging @1,200/year for max acceleration has moved them down my list. May be a Rivian R1S after the MX. Though I REALLY hate the Rivian nose.... I know Lucid is working on an SUV as well and I have a few years before I need to worry about it. If I don't need 6 seats by then, the Lotus Eletre is at the top of my list.

I understand the pressure to accept if you have travelled far for the delivery. We had to travel 222 miles (Tulsa to KC) to pick ours up. I had prepped the family that we would probably reject this car (it was an EOQ rush car). I implore everyone to hold the line and demand to be able to inspect the car before you accept it. If you are at a delivery center they can easily do this. When I picked up my MX in Kansas City I didn't even have to ask - they tossed me a key fob and said to come back in when I was ready to sign the paperwork.

My family and I crawled all over that thing for 30 minutes - I had the kids sit in the 3rd row, test the A/C back there, pushed every button, tested everything we could think of. Car only had 2 small issues that I knew could be easily fixed (PRND mask was scratched so you could see the N even when not backlit) and the rear hatch was a little high on the right side. Both were fixed when we got home.

For the OP, that wire looks like it could be for the seat heater. It's bizarre that they managed to thread it through the seat fabric itself but I wouldn't pull on it.
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A tech came out yesterday and reset the Homelink system and was able to get it to actually go through the training process, so that is fixed. They also gave me one keyfob so I can disconnect my phone key due to the range issues (car is constantly locking/unlocking in the garage 100 feet from my phone because it keeps connecting from that distance).

Supposedly will get the seats replaced at the service center in a week.
My appointment for replacing the defective seats was for this coming Tuesday. Tesla service texted me yesterday, and said I had to confirm the appointment today or get fined. I replied asking for them to make sure they had all 4 seats in that need repair before I drive 100 miles each way for the appointment (which has been they tendency in the past). I was told "Yes, they have the seat." I ask again and point out it should be "seats"...plural.

The appointment then got moved another month out. 4 out of 6 seats were defective at delivery and I get to wait two months for the repair. Maybe more. Spectacular. Lucky me.

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Aug 7, 2020
Ouch is right. Our MX was supposed to be delivered 3 weeks ago as we had pick up date, have fully paid, and got insurance to boot. Day before notified us of 'extra inspection needed' and had not left Ca for Salt Lake yet?! Ok, whatever. Rescheduled for week after. 3d before now telling us not in transit and no ETA?! Ok. We paid significantly less than current price so likely shipping higher priced vehicles until EOY? Curious if they can change VIN and sell my car from under me or cancel order altogether. Being our 4th Tesla, that would be a dealbreaker.
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For the past week, Bluetooth has stopped working on my new X. It can make/answer calls, but the audio is routed through the phone and not the car. Added that to the repair list. Homelink was unable to open either garage door suddenly too (and Tesla had sent a a tech to program it to begin with because the car won't go into the Homelink program screen). I had to use my phone to open the garage door over wifi. I added that to the service ticket.

Then yesterday afternoon, while driving, a message popped up on the car saying something about a reset. Whatever that was, it disappeared quickly. Got home, saw the car had forgotten Homelink entirely (not even showing the two that had been programmed that weren't working the day before). Opened the garage door with my phone, and parked. Last night I went back out to try to program Homelink, but again it would not go into the program screen. After trying 30+ times, I called Tesla who told me to do a scroll wheel restart and try again. I went back out later to do the restart, and the car began blasting cold air upon opening the door. It was suddenly set to max lo. Quickly turned that off since my garage is sub-40 degrees.

Tried opening Homelink to attempt another reprogramming. Nothing happened. Tried opening the car settings. Nothing. Saw the time on the driver's display showed 00:00 PM. Main screen was accurate. Then noticed the car was in valet mode, and it wanted a pin to turn it off. I've never turned it on though. Pushed on the brake...the forward/reverse indicator won't come up on the screen, so I cannot even drive the car.. Got a message about supercharging being disabled when I pushed the brake. Games will open, the camera screen will open, but only the right side camera comes up. The left and rear are black. Music will play though. And the car is connected to my wifi but shows no cell service despite normally having full service at my home, and my phone is no longer paired.

So I called Tesla, and they said I don't own a Model X...only a Model Y...but I don't own a Model Y. I was asked repeatedly for the VIN of my X (probably 10x and counting now). I was told that VIN is for a red Model Y. I tell them "Nope, I have a gray X." They also say the name on the Y is not my name and it is a 2021 red Model Y. Just one messed up situation after another. They tell me to call back the next morning.

And now I have given the VIN 4 more times to two different reps who are telling me the same thing. And they won't send a service tech because I am not the owner...of a 2021 red Model Y. The car has also disappeared from the app, and it does not even show in the purchase history on the Tesla website, but two of my prior Teslas do show.

I am beyond frustrated.

P.S. The driver's door is opening only a couple inches, and when I try to pull it open further, it tries to close on me. The motor gives up once I yank it open a couple of feet thankfully. NONE of the other doors will open now. Maybe that has something to do with car being in valet mode, but the doors won't even open from the inside which seems like a safety issue.
Tesla asked for proof of registration to fix this...which I have not received from WA state yet. I offered to send a pic of the temp registration, and it turns out they didn't put it on the back window, and I never noticed. LOL.. They said they would have the manager of the Lynnwood service center call me. This will be the 4th time someone has told the manager to call me (first three were service related), and nobody has ever called.
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This is an awful story, I keep thinking that could have been me. I have never had cause to look into WA state lemon law but sounds like you might need to.
I love my MX in general but I’m shopping for a non Tesla suv to replace it, the sh!tty customer service being one big reason. Current EV supply and demand probably means 2024 though.
This is an awful story, I keep thinking that could have been me. I have never had cause to look into WA state lemon law but sounds like you might need to.
I love my MX in general but I’m shopping for a non Tesla suv to replace it, the sh!tty customer service being one big reason. Current EV supply and demand probably means 2024 though.
There's also the fact that my X is now $35k more if I lemon it and order another....plus however long to wait. I can't just force them to replace it otherwise I'd be considering it.
Tesla has no quality control. There, I said it. Their focus is on getting cars out and delivering them. Period. And odds are when you find one issue, there will be many many more. I bought a brand new S and have had it in the shop almost 12 times this year. So, I sold it. It's completely unacceptable in a 100K+ car. BMW i4 now and couldn't be happier.

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