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My drive unit failed, pyro fuse blew, both brake calipers were replaced and boy do I LOVE this car!

I posted a while back about my car failing to start - some called me a troll/shill haha! My Model 3 was in service for a very depressing 12 days! (invoice attached) Yes, I had a nice Model S (70D :/) to drive, but I wanted MY car back. And let me tell you - to me - this car is absolutely worth the wait and worth the headache!

I'm sure this is a personal preference but after being in the 3, the model S cabin just feels so, dated. The 3 is sleek, modern, minimal. I absolutely prefer having the big, beautiful center screen and leaving the space in front of me free and clear. I think its actually easier to see pertinent info. The 3 somehow feels more spacious than the S. I felt too big for the Model S cabin (I'm 6'1), I feel right at home in the Model 3. And the drive - wow! The reviews were right, this car is exciting to drive. The AWD Performance is going to be something else - I may need to upgrade in two years.

How about the screen? oh my. This thing is smooth as silk, FAST and beautiful. The way the navigation maps work to follow your route, zoom in and out when needed, all so smooth and perfect is amazing. By the way, the new maps - same route as google every time - not like the useless routing in the my wife's Model X. Oh and by the way - the EAP 2.5 in the Model 3 functions better than the AP 2 in our Model X AND the AP 1 in my loaner Model S.

I don't seem to have any of the common complaints:
  • Rough ride? - Nope not to me, feels low and sporty
  • Wind noise? - Not more so than any other car I have driven, including my wife's X.
  • Fit and Finish issues? - I'm not the most picky person but other than one small thing (which I'm not even sure is an issue) everything is perfect
  • Missing Alcantara - I was bummed about this at first but after driving a 4 year old Model S and seeing the way it aged, I think I prefer the new material
  • Touch Screen Controls are Clumsy / UI sucks - Not at all. Again, maybe personal preference, but after a few days in the car, I love the UI. Much better to me than the S / X UI. Even adjusting the cruise speed is really very easy now. I love no buttons, I love minimal stalks.
This car is the future. Now I just hope it doesn't strand me 200 miles from home again! :cool:


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I think he's saying that he's adapted to the UI so it's easy for him to hit the +/- areas on the screen.
I don't know his reference, but it took me about five minutes to become comfortable with the screen. The first four minutes I was irritated. Of course I have only driven a Model 3 for about 15 minutes so I don't know much.
I posted a while back about my car failing to start - some called me a troll/shill haha! My Model 3 was in service for a very depressing 12 days!
@DrLegoHair thank you for your follow up report. You are handling your frustrations well and can see both the positive and negative side of the situation. And most of all, thank you for being a beta tester for those of us who will follow behind you. You are making model 3 life easier for us through your willingness and sacrifice to be a "guinea pig."
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