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My Experience Ordering

I live near San Diego/Riverside are. Went down and test drove both the sr+ and long range model 3. Was sold on the car at that moment as far as finish, quality, reliability, and bettering the environment. How I don't miss the gas station already. Was originally looking at a civic as a commuter after doing the math on fuel maintenance etc it was a wash between the sr+ and a civic over 100k Miles just comparing the two with basic costs.

The AWD LR was just a splurge and we wanted that extra range and ability in the mountains should we take the tesla up to ski vs the other suv we have. Were coming from having a 2012 4runner with 125k on it and an avg of 16mpg so its all a huge increase in savings. Cant wait for a tesla truck or full size suv!

We ordered the LR AWD and were able to have it paired and for pick up in 4 days it was literally just off the factory in Fremont and had 3 miles on it. Dark grey with the aero wheels. It came in and unfortunately I found a chip in the hood that had been very poorly repaired with touch up paint. Im assuming from transportation not a paint issue by the look of it. That was my number one concern with all the talk of paint issues however I believe most of those are from following to close and not properly maintaining the paint with a good wax and or ceramic coat.

So the dealer offered to schedule to have it in for repair a week later, estimating the hood would take a few days to a week to re paint, this is a new vehicle that said and who wants to turn around a week later to see if they can fix the paint and blend it correctly on a new car. The delivery center decided they were going to do a hood swap as they had another lr in my color with 100 miles on it that was going to be a test drive vehicle. Seemed like a good idea to me. They swapped it and in the process found some more unfinished paint/ a bad bonding of the metal where the fender ties in under the frunk. I Didn't notice it before and it could have been from the swap or I just missed it but the dealer made it right be honest and showing us it. So we chose not to take the delivery and they were awesome enough to give me a loaner in the mean time and paired me with another vehicle that just came off the production line and was on its way to la. They also sent me home with a free wall charger for the inconvenience. This process was about 4 hours at the delivery center. The new car took a week to get here but who can complain when they have a free model s to drive in the mean time.

This one looked absolutely mint and perfect! Took her home and straight my tint guy for 3M crystalline around the glass. 20 all around and a 70 on the windshield. Couldn't be more in love with it! We did also get the two year free supercharging promo that they were running when we ordered plus the 2000 miles after that. Seems nice to have the supercharging but I really only see using the supercharger on road trips having used it with the loaner. Charging at home is so much more convenient over night.

In the end I Couldn't be happier with the experience compared to any past car purchase at a dealer, haggling and all the other stuff that comes around with a traditional purchase. Loved that it literally takes 5 minutes to sign docs and your on your way to drive off the lot once they walk you through setting up your new car!

Also my model 3 took only about 10 miles to full calibrate the cameras etc once driving. Love autopilot! Hope they add the lane change like the model s has that was super nice so you don't have to disengage and re engage auto pilot if your changing lanes to pass a car etc on the freeway!
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Paint issues stories are plentiful.
My 2 model 3's purchased something like 8 months apart both required a lot of paint work due to out-of-spec conditions. Sure, if you don't mind some chips, thin paint where you can see the bumper material through it, flat spots from wet sanding, and dust nibs/trash in the paint in various area on your new car, then by all means you will be fine and happy with your purchase. It's still a nice car. If paint quality is a big thing to you, consider either being accepting of the delivered condition or rejecting until you get offered one that meets your needs. Paint is definitely their weak link, and transport damage, and service in general.
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