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My Experience (Pittsburgh Delivery)

Delivery: I picked up my SR+ from the Pittsburgh-Wexford delivery center this past Friday morning. It was such an easy, simple process. Drew was the Owner-Advisor that I worked with along with a female (forget her name) who handled the trade in. Both were really friendly and helpful! I arrived about 10 minutes early for an 11 AM appointment. I was driving in from State College, about two and a half hours away. I sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and then went through the vehicle with Drew for about 15 minutes, signed a few sheets of paper and was on my way. Drew asked me if I receive the free two years of supercharging and I told him my order was placed about a month ago when it wasn't an option. Drew added it for me...I would have never brought it up on my own. That builds brand loyalty and is excellent customer service. I won't use supercharging that much, but it's still a nice perk to have!

The car was in outstanding condition and I could not be happier driving a Model 3. I owned Toyota Camrys for about 15 years until going with the Honda Clarity for the last two. Both are good, reliable vehicles. I have never been excited about a vehicle and can not believe how advanced technologically the Model 3 is.

Ordering: I put down a deposit for a Model 3 well over three years ago. After the production delays and the expiring tax credits, I got impatient and purchased the Honda Clarity, which worked out well as I paid about $31,000, had the vehicle for almost two years and traded it for $21,000. When accounting for the $7,500 tax credit, the cost of ownership was really low although it's never a good financial move to trade a vehicle that is so new.

Shortly after buying the Clarity, I once again began regularly reading forums, configuring vehicles, tracking used options, etc... Finally, one Thursday morning I pulled the trigger.

Delivery Specialist: 5 days went by before anyone at Tesla contacted me via phone even though I completed all the pre-delivery items online right away. I couldn't help to think that any other car manufacturer would have been hounding me if I put down $2,500 on a car.

Trade-In: My trade in was initially valued at $19,400. I had two offers online for around $21,000 from Vroom and Carvana. The first customer service rep I talked to told me that I could go to a CarMax and that's the only place they would match. I told them I didn't have a location close to me although they did digital offers. He told me that would work. I took a bunch of pictures and spent about an hour to go through the CarMax digital offer process. In the meantime, I got an email from my delivery specialist confirming a lot of the information I submitted online. I sent her and copied the first person I talked with the CarMax digital offer which was for $21,000. They would not accept it no matter how much I complained or referenced my initial call with Tesla. They even had the valuation team review the vehicle one more time and said it's worth $19,400. One week later, I drove about an hour and a half to my closed CarMax, got an in-store offer for $21,000 and Tesla immediately updated it online.

Online Paperwork: I paid via trade in and cash. I did the ACH in advance of delivery so all I needed was my trade in, registration and license for the delivery appointment. I brought my check book, just in case, but it was not needed.

The overall process was really easy, outside of the trade-in valuation. It took about one month from order to delivery. I can not thank people on this forum enough for posting their experiences and helpful information about the vehicle!
I appreciate your in-depth post. I placed an order at the Pittsburgh facility one week ago, and again found the people there to be very friendly and likable (and not at all pushy, as I've come to expect from car dealers). When I visited, they were all very busy--the end-of-quarter rush was well and truly upon them. But the car basically sold itself, and all they needed to do was show me how to open the doors.
Had my first experience with the Wexford Service Center yesterday. Had a list of minor issues I wanted looked at from Delivery and my wheel was slightly off to the right when driving straight. Took the car in and they immediately gave me an S75D to take because "they didn't want to rush". 2 hours later got a text my car was done. Got the paperwork to sign this morning and appears they took care of every issue and realigned the car.

All around great experiences with these guys from test drives, delivery and now service.
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