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My first 1k miles...

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Took delivery of my blue Model S 75D on 3/24 and have put in a quick 1,000 miles. For some reason, I’m driving much more than usual...

Anyway, here’s my initial thoughts:

  • Regenerative braking was annoying for the first two days and now I LOVE it. Only have to use brakes for the last 10 feet of a stop and I’m excited to not have to get them done nearly as often.
  • AP is better than I thought it would be. A couple road trips up to LA (from SD) have been much less taxing and I got there and home, much more relaxed and not as tired.
  • Super Charging is great... but sometimes unorganized. Over the weekend I stopped on the way back home and there were 6 cars waiting for the 8 spots. Nobody said anything to me but I made it a point to tell the next person that pulled in that they were after me (and a couple after them). Seems like this is just common courtesy to let someone know who they follow. One guy actually tried to jump the whole line, so this seems to make sense.
  • I feel like I want to wave to other Teslas as they pass. It’s something Jeep Wranglers owners do and it feels “right,” but haven’t gotten a return wave, yet.
  • The heated steering wheel is unnecessary - and awesome.
One of the enhancements I'm expecting to see in a firmware update one of these days is better Supercharger utilization.

Using geotags, I'm envisioning it putting a pop-up on the center screen as you approach that shows the layout and your location in real time, with a recommended stall highlighted.

When the site is nearly empty, this will be based on how they choose to spread the wear between the plugs. When the site is more than half full, it'd be the stall with the most power available.

In connection with that, I'd like to see a wait list order number (and eventually estimated wait time) added to the center screen of the site is full based on when cars entered the geotag, updating to the stall graphic as your number comes up and someone leaves.
Congrats and welcome to the club! I'll wave back! I'm the guy does the wave but rarely gets a return salute. And I only see a few Tesla's a month. :confused:
Driving: Now it's not only fun but when the kids need pick-up, milk run etc......I always volunteer ;)
Up to 28k miles but I have not lost the pleasure coming from side streets with stop signs etc.... and rarely needing too much brake.
Charging with my solar, speed passing..............I could ramble on but just ...........................welcome to the club again