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My first day driving the Model S

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My wife and I's car's came in Thursday night! So yesterday was the first full day that we were both able to drive them. It is a definite different experience from any other car I've ever driven in multiple different ways. It was pretty nice to come home and know that both of us drove a significant amount of miles and didn't use a single drop of gas. One of the concerns I did have was when I parked my car in the parking lot it had a certain amount of miles left on the range, but when I picked it back up four hours later the range dropped about 30 miles. Is this normal? Is there something that I can do to prevent this? All in all only 24 hours in, the cars are amazing
The range should definitely not have dropped 30 miles just sitting for 4 hours. Maybe 1 or 2 miles at the most. By any chance did you leave a door slightly open so the HVAC was still running the whole time (I've had this happen to me once)? Even then, 30 miles sounds like a lot. Are you sure your wife didn't take it out for a 30 mile spin while you weren't looking? :)
I attended car shows, and have the door open, start the car multiple times, turn on the HVAC occasionally, and move the seats around for six to eight hours or more and only lose two or three miles of range. I think the only way you can lose thirty miles in that time is to have the HVAC on because the door wasn't fully shut or someone drove thirty miles as has been stated.