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My First Road Trip

Beta V

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Nov 8, 2017
Redmond, WA USA
I drove from Redmond, WA down to Seaside Oregon with a stop to recharge at Centralia--about half-way down. All-in-all it was a fun trip. I got a false start when I realized that my dashcam was not working so I turned around (I had only gone a mile or so) to reformat the USB key. I backed it up and noticed that it was far from full and had lots of interesting recordings. When I put the newly formatted (and correctly configured) USB memory stick back in the MX, the dashcam icon still showed it was inop. I gave up, but noticed after my restart in Centralia, it was now working. Nope, this isn't fixed yet.

To fight the boredom, I tuned one channel after another on the streaming media until it crashed (again). It has been doing this intermittently for some time. When this happens, the music system does not accept any input (not even to close the window). I reset the system and it came back (eventually). No, this still isn't fixed yet.

I also made a few phone calls and noticed that it often took several tries to get the system to recognize me or anything I said. Once I rebooted, it worked fine, except for the times when the audio for the phone call did not connect. No, this still isn't fixed yet.

I also noticed that while driving along on AutoDrive (steering and speed controlled), the car would suddenly act as if there was something in the way--at 70 mph in traffic--and slow down as if I was trying to get the car behind me to rear-end me. No, there weren't any cars around. No, this still isn't fixed yet.

When parked (I have Sentry Mode auto-enabled), I got dozens of notices that recordings were made. Too bad I can view these incidents without plugging the memory into my computer. I'll add this to my wish list. I do like the automatic Sentry Mode option.

The recharging went fine both times (there and back) and the recharge stations were not full. Unfortunately, my bladder was but there were no facilities closer than 200 yards away. I barely made it. Might I suggest a basic "family" bathroom or at least a sign that says "Restrooms are available at Denny's 200 meters to the south or at the..." Next time, I'll depend on my wide-mouth bottle. ;)
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