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MY LR Ordered!

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Hey everyone...I just ordered my first Tesla and couldn't be more excited. My wife's lease on her Mercedes expires in July and we stopped to test drive a model Y on a whim. We were able to borrow a LR for the weekend and fell in love. It's the only car I've ever brought home that all of the neighbors wanted to check out as soon as I pulled into the driveway. As soon as we got the car back to the center, we ordered a white LR, black interior with Induction rims. I love the white interior, but you should see the inside of her current car. 😞

Our order is currently on hold since we have a car until July. Anyone else here in the Chicago burbs?
Congrats!! I just received my Y this past March! I didn't even test drive one. My company had a P85 back in 2013 and I knew I wanted a Tesla back then.
The waiting is the hardest part. But mine came at a acceptable time frame. From order to delivery was just about 5 weeks.