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My M3 sounds like an old Citroen 2CV (suspension noise)


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May 20, 2019
Yep you guessed it, over the weekend my steering and suspension at the front passenger side now sounds like an old banger. It creaks, groans and squeaks at every turn and bump.

I did have a google regards the problem and it seems a common problem with the ball joints/arms? I have booked my car in to the SC on the 1st March.

The looks i get when they suddenly realise its a Tesla, but sounds like an old Citroen 2CV.

27k miles if people are intestested in my mileage (Aug 2019)

Worth keeping an ear out as it seemed to slowly get louder over time then becomes very loud very quickly.

Few links here regards the issue:
Suspension creaking when going over speed bumps
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There is a known issue with the front upper control arm bushings. These can start making noises when water/salt degrades the rubber. I had mine replaced under warranty and they are fine again. The SC told me they've replaced quite a few of them here in Switzerland. One other thing to check is the 2 bolts at the bottom of the lower control arm. These can back out in some cars and should be torqued to 98nm, but this would typically cause a clunk sound when braking if loose. Your case sounds like the FUCA's to me.
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I think this started on my M3 last weekend, only had it since Dec 20, 5000 miles or so. Happens that I had a service (recall on the quiet?) last week to sort out the heat pump sensors.

Mentioned it to them and have another device appointment booked for next month :-(
What I didn't like was the suggested cost showing on the app -£850! (unless covered by warranty, phew)