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My Model 3 Has Been Keyed 4x in 6 Months - Help

I'm not sure what to do at this point. It is obvious I am being targeted, as this is happening in my driveway where I live. I do have a prime suspect but sentry mode is not recording these incidents! This week's vandalism was the worst yet - 8 panels (from the hood down the side to the trunk and above the window, $12,600 in damages - I drove to Tesla service to have them check why sentry (which was on) did not - again - catch anything. They guessed maybe it was asleep; maybe they knew how to avoid the front camera and ducked under the side camera. No alarm (triggered only if the car is rocked/shook).

I am looking at trail cameras, dash cam cameras, extra flood lights...am looking for suggestions from the community. I can't keep getting it repaired only to have the car ruined two weeks later. I've lived at my house for 20 years and nothing has ever happened like this. And there are 4 other Teslas on the block!

I do have a nest camera pointed at my car in the driveway but they always target the other side of the car overnight.

Help. I worried my Tesla/Crawford insurance is going to cancel me.
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Help with what? are you sleeping with someone’s wife? I would say go get a gun and sit in your car but you live in ca so maybe a pointy stick? If they allow it.

in all seriousness what’s a camera going to do? Takes 5 seconds to key a car. By the time you’re notified they are gone. Person is probably wearing a mask.

sentry mode is not going to help you. Video quality is crappy and a mask defeats it. You are sol. Get a house with a garage.
Man, my heart goes out to you that. That sucks.

I know you have already spent a ton on paint repairs, but perhaps consider getting PPF on the entire car. The vast majority of the scratches would just disappear due to the self-healing properties of PPF.
Have you asked the other Tesla owners whether they've been keyed? Is yours the only one? Is yours the only red one? Are any of the other owners jealous?

Are you only keyed in your driveway? Any way to build a garage? Do the other Tesla owners garage their cars? Get a really good security cam. PPF your car. Trade it in for one a little more meh and common like white. A guard dog?
Repair the car. Change nothing else but hiring security guys to hide in or around the car for a few days.

One spotter watching your car from a dark room of your house, a nearby parked car, or some other hidden vantage point... with two BIG guys on standby and ready to take care of the problem.

Want faster results? Repair the car, tint the windows dark, get a nice pretty Tesla sign that says something like “Tesla Parking Only” and pick up a few solar ground stake lights to arrange around your parking space. In other words, make your Tesla look so special... like a cherry on top of an Ice Cream Sunday...and guaranteed to expose irresistible jealousy (the prime motivator of keying.) ... and two BIG security guys in the car! I bet they wouldn’t be there more than three nights!

Plan B: Consider moving. Your neighborhood probably has bigger problems.
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I would say go get a gun and sit in your car but you live in ca so maybe a pointy stick? If they allow it.
They allow it, but it’s not easy. There is a 10-day waiting period for a stick. To resharpen it, you need a background check. It’s all good though. If you bought the stick within 5 years, then you’re in the NICS database and it only costs $1 on top of the fee to actually sharpen the stick. Otherwise, it’s $19 and another 10-day waiting period before you’re approved to have the stick sharpened. So it makes sense to sharpen it often.

Can’t have newer, safer sticks though. To have those, it needs to be able to imprint a unique identifier on the impailed. Then, it can be on a “safe stick roster.”

Can’t get a stick longer than 16” either. That’s an “assault spear;” legal definition, not mine. It also can’t have a splat hider or grip that protrudes beyond the shaft.

OP, I’d just suggest touch up paint. Just make sure it’s water based. :)
wow that sucks. wyze makes some cheap external cams with the new v3 having good night vision and motion activated too. maybe get a few and point them at your car. also a motion activated light to illuminate if there is movement near your car at night? hopefully you can catch them in the act and get the cops involved.
Talk to your neighbors, one at a time. Go to each door and tell them what happened and ask to keep an eye out. Let them know how expensive it is and that you appreciate their help looking out for each other. If it is a neighbor, maybe that will wake their humanity up and stop the keying. And then get another camera on the side of the driveway, motion activated lights and a siren if you need.
get like a dozen of these things. Night vision is amazing.

waterproof now too. motion alerts and direct to cloud capturing.
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