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My Model S was stolen from the Denver Tesla service lot today... [Update: Car found!]

It is probably on their lot and they just can’t find it.

No, Walmart would not be responsible as they were not entrusted with the care of the vehicle. Tesla on the other hand was.

Right, if Walmart picked up your car for service they would be, but not if you drove it there and were planning on getting service - possession would have to be transferred.


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Jul 17, 2019
I agree that Tesla does have some accountability here. However, just because it was on there property does not make them fully liable. If you car was stolen from a Walmart parking lot is Walmart responsible? Something strange is going on here, why would someone knowingly steal a Model S with a EMMC failure (im referring to the idea that an employee stole it)? The car should have been locked or inside, there should be surveillance cameras and dont let Tesla bully you around saying its your fault for leaving a key in the car when that sounds like absolute bullshit. To be honest, I wouldnt say they owe you a car, but they do have some explaining and you shouldnt pay a dime of a deductible.
I dont think Walmart is a designated service center for repairs of cars like Tesla....walmart does not have access to you car's key fob either....and Walmart does not go to your house and drive you back to their store.....
Damn...I was looking through my previous Tesla's invoices to see if there are any fine prints at the bottom and I saw this one message. I wasn't sure if they are referring to the personal items only or the entire car. I think definitely a lawyer needs to be involved.



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Feb 14, 2018
Damn...I was looking through my previous Tesla's invoices to see if there are any fine prints at the bottom and I saw this one message. I wasn't sure if they are referring to the personal items only or the entire car. I think definitely a lawyer needs to be involved.

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That’s the std disclaimer for all parking lots, etc. the key here (no pun intended!) was that they knew/claim the car couldn’t be locked, but left it outside anyway. Bottom line, Tesla’s insurance should cover it, period. No one can prevent theft, damage, etc. when a car is sitting on the lot (doesn’t matter if Tesla or other repair shop), but reasonable care/precautions need to be taken.
Hello world! This is not a joke, I'm afraid.

I will try to be brief but ultimately I'm looking for help and guidance on how to proceed in dealing specifically with the Tesla dealer (who I recognize is likely in this group).

So, here goes. Long time listener- first time caller...

I'll preface this all in saying I recognize this is first world problems in the highest...but still...

I jumped an emergency flight to MN to take care of my mother in law for an unexpected surgery three weeks ago. We locked up the Model S (2016 90D) in our driveway and left town. No issues. Normal stuff.

This past Sunday, my next door neighbor walked by the car and asked me if the center console light 'the big iphone screen' as she likes to call it' was supposed to be lit up given I was out of town. Of course the answer was no. I tried to raise the car on the app but no luck. It wasn't responding. I called Tesla roadside and they too could not ping the car. So they arranged for a tow to the 'closest' service center, which of course happened to be 4 hours away in Denver, since I live in the mountains in Colorado. So be it- it would be covered by my roadside and it needed to be fixed.

Before I had left town I had noticed a warning on the dash that was something similar to 'car is safe to drive but schedule service for XYZ issue' don't recall the wording but it turned out to be the warrantied 64gm eMMC replacement issue that you've likely heard about at this point. Mind you the car was functioning totally normally.

So- I'm still in MN and I get a note from Tesla on Monday that they ran the codes and it indeed needed the new warrantied part and it was on order and it would be fixed in ten days. How the hell it was going to get back to my house four hours away was an entirely separate issue. Again, seemed like pretty normal stuff minus the distance and annoyance factors.

Today...I called Tesla Denver to see if they might check for something I was looking for (some ski gear that may have been towed with the car) and low and behold - they have no idea where the car is. Two hours later I got a call from Denver Police that Tesla Denver had reported my car as stolen. Nice.

Here's the kicker- the fact that this 'daughterboard' aka eMMC malfunction 'conveniently' involves a substantial issue where the GPS is disabled and there is no way to track the vehicle, including even when the culprit is charging at a super charger....so, my hunch is someone knew that was the case and took full advantage of this unique situation to get the **** out of dodge when they saw the light still on in the dash....OH...and the dealer indicates that 'they could not lock the car either' when it was on the lot...bullshit. It was 100% lockable and 100% locked when it was at my house when they found it before the tow. Tesla says there had to have been another key in the car, I NEVER left keys in the car, ever, and WTF- lock the car when its in your care, and this is on your dealer lot!!! My neighbor gave them the key that was inside our house and the dealer now has the key...and not the car.

So, there you have my fun saga for today. I welcome your thoughts, feedback and ideas on how to bring this to a happy conclusion for all. At the moment, it's far from happy.


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