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My Model Y SR Delivery Experience

I took delivery of my new MY SR yesterday, and it was generally a clunky experience, but got through it. Certainly not like picking up a new car from a traditional dealership. A lot of issues with communication, not being told where to go, partially my fault because I changed the delivery day/time when the car arrived early, and partially their fault because someone failed to update the system and it showed my old appointment time so no one was expecting me.

I came fully prepared with my checklist to refuse delivery, fearing the worse for my January build car with quality issues that might still be present, along with the fact the car was sitting in Virginia for awhile before I ordered it, could have been refused by someone else, and needed to be driven cross-country to California.

Once all of the appointment logistics were fixed, the car had some issues that turned out to be relatively minor - some swirl marks on the hood that were buffed out, and marks on some of the trim pieces that were not cleaned. I didn't find defects so much as a general lack of cleanliness and sloppy prep work. For a car that sat in the detail area for an hour, it sure came back dirty on the inside. The excuse I was given was the detail area didn't have running water :rolleyes:

I did find a trim piece was not laid down correctly along the roof line above the front passenger door towards the front windshield. I didn't know if this was something worth refusing delivery over, but the sales person guided me to make a repair appointment on the app, take photos and I was assured it would be taken care of. They did some fixing on the spot, but it's still not seated the way I want to be certain it won't leak.

All in all, I am happy with the car. It rides well, battery usage is in line with my expectations, size and space are perfect for me. It came with the old console which is fine because I wanted the extra storage space and will wrap the black lacquer with wood trim anyway.

As I was driving home, I had one important epiphany, especially as a buyer of the SR version of the car. A lot of folks on the forum seem to complain the Model Y does not present itself as a "luxury car" - but in truth, based on my observations, this is NOT a luxury car, nor is the Model 3. My car was $39,900 which is about $5,000 LESS than a comparably equipped Hyundai Kona Electric or a VW ID4 - neither of which are luxury cars, and both are more expensive with semi-comparable range. So if you're looking for a luxury car, this ain't it - but it is a technically savvy, spacious, comfortable, and leading edge car which is fun to drive. If you set your expectations accordingly, and focus on the significant quality issues that are really important, you'll be a happy owner.
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