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My Own Little Tesla Service Gripe....

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Overall, I am a huge Tesla fan. I love my P3D. Up until now, I have had positive experiences with Tesla service. But I have to vent and share my own Tesla service gripe.

About a week ago, I discovered that the plug (aka wand) part of my home wall connector was damaged. I decided that I would replace the damaged plug with a new one. So first I called my local service center during normal business hours. I was put through to voice mail. I left a message and, as of today, I have not received a call back. So then I went to the chat function on the Tesla website. The good news is that I did get through to Tesla chat support fairly quickly. But when I described the issue, since I was calling about the Wall Connector I purchased through the online Tesla store, the rep told me that I had to email the tesla online store and ask about how to get the plug repaired or replaced. I promptly did this and, as of today, still no reply from the Tesla online store.

A fellow member of this forum, #iluvmacs, gave me a link to a third-party vendor that sells the plug and 24ft cable. I emailed the sales department of this third party vendor and, ironically enough, I got a reply from this vendor just a couple hours later. So Tesla cannot reply to a voice message or an email for days, and yet a smaller third party vendor can reply in 2 hours? Very frustrating.

I plan on replacing the plug and cable and also I plan to have a Nema 14-50 outlet installed next to the Wall Connector as a backup in case the Wall Connector becomes inoperable for any reason in the future.

I love Tesla, but man do they need to up their game when it comes to service.
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Good news, I was contacted by a home wall connector installation manager and they are seeing if my damaged connector plug/wand can be covered by the warranty. I am hoping that Tesla service will come through for me. Just wanted to give Tesla props for following up with me.
Hey, it only took a few days... ? Really?!?
I agree with you that they need to step up their game, a ton. The day I ordered my 3 I also ordered a HPWC online at the Tesla Shop. 3 weeks after I got the car I had to go to the Service Ctr and buy one there. The only thing I ever heard from the Shop was after I cancelled my order. They did acknowledge my stopped order, 5 weeks later. o_O
I'll give them a hearty congrats, now make a few days a few hours and they'll have gotten up to speed with other online sites.
Then I might try to shop there again... :)
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Some more good news. Tesla will be sending me a brand new wall connector. I was surprised because I just assumed they could replace just the cable and wand/plug. But I will be receiving a whole new unit at no cost since it was under warranty. Again, I want to give Tesla public props for coming through.
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