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MY Performance in snow

If I live in a mountainous area with a lot of snowfall, is it a bad idea to get the MYP instead of the regular MY? I really want the fun of zipping around, but not if it's going to mean I get stuck at some point during the winter, or have to drive the truck instead of the MY. If that's the case, I'll just get regular MY LR.
You will absolutely need to swap out the summer performance tires that come with the Performance Model Y once the temperatures starts to fall below 45F for winter tires. The performance suspension on the Performance Model Y lowers the vehicle by 0.5 inch but that still leaves slightly more than 6" of ground clearance.

Although the all season tires that are standard on the Long Range Model Y are able to be used in colder temperatures they are not a substitute for winter tires; You will want/need a set of winter tires.
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