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My recent trip consumption Data - Pretty good

I though it did be interesting to share details of my recent short trip (for me it is the longest trip yet in M3 - proper long trips to come).

Car info: 2021 M3 LR AWD, 4000km, Stock all season tires, no mods.
Weather info: Trip started around 2:00pm, sunny. Average temp for the trip was -2C. To destination there was no head wind, coming back there was head wind for about 60% of the return home journey. Return home was at sunset. Road conditions were dry.

Destination Details: Toronto to Niagara Falls: Total Trip distance per Google Maps is 226km. There a super chargers on the way and at the destination. I did not use sentry mode at the destination.

Trip consisted of 95% highway driving, I did have to stop by during the trip for personal errands which increased total trip distance, did same on the way back as well. 90% of the trip was done using Autopilot.
Started the trip with 98% battery (550km). No pre-heating was used since the car was parked outside and it was sunny so the cabin was nice and toasty. For most of the trip no heat was used, no seat heaters either. On the way back I did set climate to 22.0C and seat heaters to lowest settings.
Average trip speed was 105km/h.
Total weight with 2 passengers and some other items in the car totaled to approx 340lbs (not counting weight of the car of course).

Data from Car: 1) At the destination: 150.4km/24kWh/159Wh/km
2) At home: 266.7km/43Kwh/162Wh/km
I cant remember exactly but when I got back from the trip I had over 40% battery capacity left.
Since I charged at home for this trip in off-peak hours, the trip cost me well under $10.

If I were to do the same trip in 2013 Corolla with winter tires it would have used about 21L of fuel and cost me $25. The total fuel tank size on Corolla is 50L.

If I were to just go directly to the falls and comeback the numbers would have been different but due to errands my battery usage increased. Tesla trip planner showed me I will arrive at destination with 64% battery but I got there with 69%.

The only complaint I have is the seats are not comfy, same journey with my corolla is a bit more comfy but that can be due to the tires, seats themselves, weight, height etc. Wind noise was not an issue, it is almost same as other cars I have traveled in to the same destination.
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