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MY SR orders - any notice/call from Tesla that it will not be fulfilled?

Okay. There seems to be a lot of talk going around that since the MY SR is no longer on the online configurator and that this particular configuration is no longer offered, that the current SR inventory is just being used to fulfill existing orders. Question is - has anyone received a call from Tesla confirming that their MY SR order will not be fulfilled? Call/email or text, anyone? I can understand that they are no longer taking any new orders but surely they will start letting existing order holders know that their particular vehicle is not coming. Or is this just the Tesla way.
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Spoke with a different SA today and was told that outstanding orders for the SR will be fulfilled but there will be no new orders accepted from a specific date which I assume is sometime in early March. Unlike the "unicorn" MY LR RWD, that car was never produced and distributed so I'm thinking we have a good chance of seeing orders to be delivered for the MY SR. I'm almost ready to switch my order to a MY LR AWD but I think I will try to wait it out to see what happens.
How can they say they can not fulfill an order after they run a credit check and get initial deposit? is it legal?
Which initial deposit? The $100? You can do that without running your credit. All orders require that to move forward. And it is refundable if you decide you don’t want to take the car in the future. Just mark your order as paying in cash and wait til you get matched to a vin and a delivery date before switching to financing.