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My Take on Tesla Model Y Suspension Over the Years

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Jun 28, 2020
Westerly, RI
Hey everyone,

I often get asked about how the suspension feels on my Tesla Model Y Performance (MYP) and other year models I've owned. For context, I've had a 2021 Model Y Long Range (MYLR), a 2021 MYP, a 2023 MYP with comfort suspension, and now a 2024 MYP Austin-built in Quicksilver. Here’s my take on each, short and sweet:

2021 MYLR with 20s:
The suspension is rough. I mean, really rough. Going over any bump is like a field day in the back for passengers. It can be quite uncomfortable at times.

2021 MYP with 20s:
About the same as the MYLR, but with a bit more booming. It almost sounded and felt like the vehicle might fall apart at some point. Not the best experience, especially for a performance model.

2023 MYP with 20s:
Greatly improved. It’s almost perfect for a performance vehicle. It can still be rough at times, but it's nothing like the previous years. A noticeable upgrade from the 2021 models.

2024 MYP with 21s:
I’m not sure what kind of sorcery they have going on at Giga Texas, but it’s working! This vehicle is the most solid-feeling and quiet Tesla I’ve had out of the four, including the 2021 Model S Long Range Refresh I had. The steering feels incredibly smooth, and bumps are deadened instantly. I even tested it on the bumpiest road in Rhode Island, Rt 3 in West Warwick (if you know, you know), and it passed the test with an 8.5 out of 10.

It's great to see these vehicles getting better and better, addressing things we all experience and feel. Kudos to Tesla for the continuous improvements!

NOTE: If a mod sees this post, can you please update to reflect the Performance model in the title? Thank you ahead!