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MYLR now charging to higher range

Ever since we got our MYLR last November it has charged to 262 miles of range at 80%. Over the last few days it had started charging to 270 miles of range. I updated to 2023.12 yesterday, but this started a couple of days before that. Why would this be?
Definitely warmer weather will affect it as well as your battery maintenance system (BMS) calculations. It continuously calculates and re-calibrates battery capacity based on a host of factors. The best thing to do is set your display to % and never, ever, use miles again. Because of these factors, using miles is highly inaccurate.
It all has to do with the BMS calibration. This changes over time, changes after certain discharge situations. After seeing how wildly our battery estimate changed, I stopped worrying about it. We could have a week where the 100% miles number was very low, followed by a few days of driving from 90-100% to a low number like 10% (or lower) and then the 100% miles would be significantly higher. Don't sweat the number of miles it says when it's fully charged -- it doesn't mean anything.

Ask yourself this: Is that number ever accurate anyway? No -- it's never accurate anyway, so there's no need to worry if it's showing slightly more or slightly less.

Personally, I switched it over to percentage and haven't considered the miles ever since. When I charge it to 90%, it's always 90% and I don't have to think about what the BMS thinks that means in miles.
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