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MYP Estimated delivery date

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I ordered my Model Y performance at the end of October. I leaned to the MYP over LR to get it sooner. Originally, delivery was estimated in Jan 2022. Then it got moved to December, then Jan/Feb again.

Now, it got moved to March.

Has anyone else who has a nearing delivery date seen the same thing? Could it br related to the delay in opening giga texas.

Or could it be a good thing to give time to ramp up the 4680?


Yeah. I’m done waiting too. I’m just happy that it’s likely that I’ll get all seasons on my MYP instead of the summer tires that we’re getting delivered in December. Also, I’m curious to see if the new AMD will make it in too.
I was ready to take the car the way they were making it in 2021 as that is when. ordered it, Couldn't care less about any update other than the all season tires which are now on every car. all that other stuff is just added bonus. Can't wait for my car. If they give me a standard range at this point ill be happy sick of waiting lol
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Here's hoping for March :) Just ordered my MYP yesterday!

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I ordered my previous MY, a 2021 LR on April 15 and took delivery on May 28th. I remember the "delay" was due to Tesla's move to Vision and having to rewrite the vehicle's software for the new chip. Does anyone know what's causing delays now? I sold my LR to CarMax and ordered a Performance with an EDD of March 1-29 but I'm seeing people here with orders as old as October still without a car.
I’m Hudson Valley and ordered late October too. MYP red/black/no tow or FSD. Edd keeps jumping around. Feb 19-march 19 now. You picking up from Mt. Kisco?
I will be picking up from Mt. Kisco…after getting the VIN today, spoke with the delivery advisor at Mt. Kisco. Nice guy, he said getting the VIN indicates Factory has made the car and is now on its way to NY. It takes 10 to 14 days. They track the shipment and once closer they will send a text to schedule delivery. Do not pay for your insurance before hand…the scheduled delivery date should be the date to start insurance.