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Mystery Sound - Any clues?

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I came across this issue and this has happend two me 2 times so far ( once in 2017.50.3 and once in 2018.10.4) where it looks like there is something has gone into a hang mode.

I have to reset the MCU to correct this issue, any one experience this?
I had that happen to me the first week I had my car which was about 5 months ago. I called Tesla and we did a reset. It has never happened again. In my mind, it was remotely related to Bluetooth. I think I had gotten a call right when I got in the car and then when I hung up I had the sound.
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it's a song that's hung up ... choose any other station on Slacker or a song on USB. it will stop. This happens sometimes when you are in a bad cell reception area and change the song to many times real fast and sometimes on startup when it tries to connect and cannot. I've also seen it when I was on the edge of Wifi and it flipped from Wifi to LTE to Wifi to LTE real quick.