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Nags are more frequent in V 10

I'm not sure what people expect Tesla to do given the media coverage of any accident where AP was involved (and almost always driver inattention was involved too). At least this way Tesla is responding - otherwise "regulators" could just take away/recall AP altogether.

Not to mention, it's not hard to lightly rest your hand on the wheel to avoid nags (6 o'clock works for me). Try harder to figure it out, and stop doing stuff you're not supposed to be doing while driving. We aren't there [to L3/4/5] yet. But if AP owners can't behave and continue providing setbacks for the technology we'll never get there.
When I first got AP, I tried to drive hands free with tugs now and then. Impossible and no fun. Now I just hold wheel lightly at 10 and 2, with some help from the spokes. Totally relaxing, yet I’m there to take over if needed. If I need to use a hand or two for a few secs, I do. IMO this is the ONLY way to drive autonomous levels 1,2,3. Those of you who are trying to drive hands free are making it harder on yourselves.

PS, doing it the way I do is FAR better on highway than no AP. Once you find the groove, it’s kind of like reaching a cyborg level with your car. Stop fighting it!
I wish Tesla had updated the steering wheel to be both pressure based and capacitive. I know loads of people say they barely touch the wheel and it’s enough, but unless I’m at ten and two, I need to apply basically the same force as when I’m driving. I like to rest my hands lower down the wheel, the same way I do when long distance driving, and get a small but annoying amount of mags. Probably four to five an hour.

I know it would be a hardware change, and capacitive brings its own set of problems when using gloves, but it would be nice if a couple years ago Tesla made that change and took input from both sources and then used that to determine hands on.
I don't know about v10, but mine has gone nuts now after upgrading from 2019.32 to 2019.32.2.1. It's has gone berserk on me twice now. Once with a friend in the car (for the first time) and just a few seconds after enabling AP it started screeching the AP alarm and shut down AP and I think it flashed a red steering wheel across the screen while my hand was on the wheel. With my car (HW3) resting your hand on the wheel in any way does not satisfy it, you have to keep making steering inputs small enough to not trip the auto-steering off. It happened again on my way home while completely stopped at a light while stopped behind other cars. I've never seen it prompt me when the car was sitting at a light and not moving and didn't see it this time, but it suddenly started screeching the AP alarm at me and this time also turned on my hazards lights and put the car into park too! Not fun!
i have HW3, not on v10 and i would say nags come every 30-45 seconds if i dont touch the wheel. not an issue since i keep my right hand at 5oclock and provides enough tension to keep the nag away. it would be a shame if i need to shake the wheel now and would make AP more hassle than its worth and disappointing as it was one of the main reasons i wanted a telsa.

it already seems that all the asshats abusing AP are F'in it up for the people who want to use it properly. those of you with Model S's from long ago, how long was it between nags, videos ive seen before getting my 3 were like 5minutes +
...Those of you who are trying to drive hands free are making it harder on yourselves.
Love this quote...

Remember that menu to enable Autosteer that we all blew right through and selected "YES"?


FSD? Someday, hopefully.
"Pressing" or "gripping" the wheel is not what's required. Torque is. You can squeeze it all you want but that doesn't help. If you ever had a car that didn't want to track straight ahead due to worn treads or alignment, the force required to keep it straight is what Teslas need. The nags are not distance related, they are time related.
Distance/speed HAS to do something with it. When I sit in traffic it doesn't nag me nearly as quick when I'm going 75 on the highway.