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NanoFlowcell Quant, Quantino

Well, the surface is indeed ...polished. So I searched the web a bit. Nunzio La Veccia, the man behind the company seem to be a colorful person, but so far I haven't found much more of substance about the technology behind the Nanocell stuff.

I found a old, slightly worrisome article here: http://www.saabsunited.com/tag/nunzio-la-vecchia

Apparently Nunzio had some cooperation with Koenigsegg, not sure what happened there.

It all seem a bit bizarre and I would like to see some hard facts instead of the promotional slick websites and videos, but so long as no one gets hurt, -all the best of luck to them.


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Aug 28, 2011
Toronto, Canada
NanoFlowcell Quant

More specs here:

QUANT e-Sportlimousine by nanoFLOWCELL AG

Is this for real? To me there are red flags everywhere.

Nunzio La Vecchia is the team leader and director of development. He was born in Brugg Switzerland in 1965. The physicist and autodidact acquired his academic knowledge in four years of self-study. Today, he owns several companies, runs his own research facility, the nanoFLOWCELL DigiLab in Zurich, and has more than 60 patents in solar energy, plasma energy, digital technology and electronics.

- Partnership with Koenigsegg ended after one year (2008-2009)

- Car weighs 5,070 lbs but energy consumption is expected to be 200 Wh/km (yeah right)

- Nominal energy output is 30 kW (600V 50A) but they'll get the power for 0-60 2.8 sec acceleration using super capacitors (yeah right)
Quoting from the PDF file:
"It barely degrades at all and remains free from the “memory effect” in both charge capacity and regeneration. Once the electrolyte has been discharged in use, it simply needs to be recharged at an appropriate filling station. 100 litres of used electrolytic fluid can be transformed into 100 litres of ionically concentrated electrolyte, charged and ready to power another vehicle or device."

That is pretty legit. No memory effect. and 100% recyclable. But.... How much does it cost to build an infrastructure? there can't be everything positive and nothing negative. I would need to see more research from scientists than the companies of which back the product.

Another question I had was, can this technology be implemented WITH lead acid batteries to possibly be used to extend range?
It sounds like a 'good' idea. a ~ 30kW nominal output supplemented with high power Caps and constantly charged battery by a fuel cell. can you fill it at home?

If you push it hard so the caps are exhausted, wont you be power limited to 30kW pretty quick? and how long is a fuel cell membrane like this expected to last.
+ the car is pretty long & heavy
interesting. how many idea/prototypes like this are there out there? I never heard of this car until today
For those who can read Italian:

La storia di "Quant" e dell'anziana truffata[/h]

Un'auto solare costruita da un falso fisico con i soldi di una signora, che vende addirittura una casa ad Ascona per finanziare il progetto

Ticinonline - La storia di anziana truffata

Probably same chance of legitimacy or seeing your money back as a cold-call tip from a phone broker. Can't believe some media are (still) so naive to print PR from this "company".

- - - Updated - - -

Case to follow very closely, especially as Quant promises four R&D prototypes by the end of 2014.

I pity the people who will finance these "prototypes". (Why aren't these links censored when others are considered "promotion"?). Bye.



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Feb 11, 2013
Very interesting. In comparison to Tesla, I see those differences:

- Faster "Charging"
- Some more range
- Even greater acceleration

- You have to put the energy into the electrolyte liquid first/recycle it (additional step, that is really the charging but it would be done outside the car); this adds a lot of extra overhead
- Huge logistical effort to put up fueling stations compared to chargers
- Can't just charge at home

So I don´t think this will pose a threat to Tesla. Performance is great, but range is not that much higher and the acceleration comes at the price of a lot more complex drive train (addition of supercapacitors, individual engines on each wheel - could do that for a Tesla too, really) which I don´t think will ever be able to compete economically, at least not on a mass market car (Model E).
Unlike the Tesla concept (start high end, work your way to mass market), this would really be contrained to high end cars which would make the installation of a comprehensive infrastructure even less likely.
And what are they doing at the Motor Show in Geneva?
It's a weird situation then.

Probably trying to find new gullible investors?

I just tried to warn readers (I doubt the people in charge of the company changed).

In the end, I don't care where people invest their money in. DYOD.

PS: I just find it strange that other links were removed but links to Quant remain active.

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