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NAV On Autopilot Won’t Take Exists, None

I have a 2017 Model X and got the V10 download a couple days ago. I took the car out the next day and decided to see how NAV on Autopilot was working. The car seemed VERY aggressive while trying to move over from one lane to another. Trying to squeeze in between cars that were only a few car lengths apart. The car would speed up to get to the front of the open space next to me then would brake hard and swerved over. I had to stop the car from moving over a couple times because it was just to close and dangerous.

The other thing that really bothered me was exiting off the freeway. It just wouldn’t even attempt to take any exits. The NAV screen showed the correct directions. Showed we needed to exit. But the car just wouldn’t even attempt to move over into the exit lane, just kept driving right past the exit. Then it would change the NAV directions saying we needed to take the next exit and work our way back to get to our destination.

Has anyone else had the problem with their car not even attempting to exit?

I will try to get a video of it and post as soon as possible.

Thanks for any feedback.

I just tried it again and I now get a message that says Autopilot is ending when the car gets to the exit. It still won’t get into the exit lane. Just keeps driving straight and basically when you get to where you are just feet past where you can no longer get into the exit lane the message pops up on the screen Autopilot is now ending, bizarre.