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NAV system service needed - false alarm

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Apr 5, 2012
Yesterday, while on a road trip, the interstate was backed up, so the navigation software routed us onto county roads to get around the long stretch of "red" traffic on the main highway.

Shortly after leaving the highway - the navigation system started having problems - and appeared to freeze. When we rebooted the red triangle warning symbol appeared at the top of the console display and a message appeared that the navigation system needed service. The console map was displayed - but frozen with the car's indicator on the map locked on a spot on the road several miles behind us.

After attempting several reboots of both the dashboard and console processors, we noticed the LTE/3G network indicator was showing no connection - no bars.

While we were trying to set up one of our smartphones as a wifi hot spot, we regained the LTE signal - and everything started working again.


If anyone else encounters this type of issue with their navigation system - verify your LTE/3G signal. If you aren't getting an internet connection - then try connecting a mobile hotspot - or just wait until you re-enter an LTE/3G service area.

Since the navigation software was routing us on county roads to get around the traffic restriction, getting some navigation package working was pretty urgent - since we were in the "middle of nowhere" and didn't know when we should be turning onto the next road for the detour. Fortunately we got signal back in time so we only had to guess one turn at a "T" intersection.