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Navi ignored destination & steered for nearest Supercharge point

Is this a known bug?

I was in Cambridge and plumbed in Oxford to go home. Navi ignored my request and instead came up with the route to the Supercharge location nearest Cambridge.

I set off in the generally right direction of Oxford. When I reached the Northampton area, I tried again setting Oxford as my destination. Again it ignored my request and sought to navigate to a Supercharger near Northampton.

I tried clicking on the icon (top right) looking like fork lightning. Same fault in both positions of this toggle switch. I also tried a complete reboot. Again no cure.

A little later, for no reason that I could discover, the fault simply cured itself.

Richard Dawkins
it does this on a daily basis and it is annoying as hell. it always tries to route me to a supercharger even though I have more than plenty to make it to my destination. sometimes it tries to take me 4-5 hours out of my way for what should have been a straight 45 minute drive. it has become an everyday routine to plug my destination in, then immediately remove all superchargers it tries to plug into the route automatically and silenty. if you're not carefully paying attention you might think it's trying to 'be smart' and route you around traffic but watch it, it may send you many hours out of your way to go to a supercharger that you didnt need to go to in the first place. there is a huge thread of navigation fails that I started here. there are some really good ones people have posted there. IMO, tesla should completely disable this automatic silent rerouting by default and only prompt the user for changes from a direct route if it thinks one is necessary. that would prevent all these screw ups.
Trip Planner with charging suggestions is a complete crock and should never have been released.


I recall stopping at a supercharger on i95 in the middle of the Connecticut leg returning from NY going to Boston. There's another supercharger in southern CT, which I skipped, and the next one north is in RI. So, as I left the supercharger in middle of CT headed north, I navigated to the RI supercharger, a straight shot, but the navigation wanted me to reverse direction on 95 to go to the supercharger in southern Connecticut before heading north to the supercharger in RI....absolutely bizarre. I can't believe they released this to the public.
I think that the Trip Planner Beta (which you can turn Off in Settings) might be trying to
not just get you to your destination (with about 20% reserve), but with enough energy
to get from the destination to another charging location. But, it might say stop at a
Supercharger and charge for 0 minutes, so it clearly needs work.

So, to make your own decisions on where to charge, just turn this Beta Trip Planner Off.
Known issue. Happened to me all the time with V6.2, and still happens with V7.0

There are two ways of dealing with it. Both methods remove the entire point of it which is to use it's database of superchargers to help you route.

A.) Simply turn it off knowing you'll need to know what superchargers you might need to get to your destination.

B.) Use the supercharger as the destination (if you need a specific one), and then click "remove all superchargers" to remove any weird glitch ones that it might throw at you. Like driving out of your way to charge for 0 minutes.

FYI - I used option B just fine with V6.2, but with V7.0 it gave me the spinning endless circle as it tried to route me to my destination (which was a supercharger). So I had to turn it off to get the nav to work.
Navi ignored destination & steered for nearest Supercharge point

C) bypass the ones you know are not needed, the nav will eventually catch up with you -- and possibly learn from your correction.
I can't believe I can recommend this in earnest... but we have seen the Autopilot system in the States learn more rapidly than we thought possible.


Postscript. Re-reading your post I am inclined to believe this is what in fact happened. Carry on, sir!
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This is just unbelievable. When Trip Planner was first released, okay, there are some issues. But here we are how many months later and this hasn't been addressed? Proper routing with stops is seriously very simple software that *every* other nav company (and EVTripPlanner) has nailed. What is going on inside Tesla such that this hasn't been fixed by now?
Navi ignored destination & steered for nearest Supercharge point

Agree with all who chimed in: overly aggressive underway charging is routinely suggested. Of course charging stops can be removed manually from the route, but the charge stop suggestions can't be disabled as a default. Kind of annoying.

In relation to the thread about auto pilot getting better for every day that passes, by likely big data analysis and machine learning algorithms, I sure wish Tesla would make use of such methods to improve every aspect of their UI. For example, if they took feedback on how people were actually using the Nav feature in real time I'm sure they could tune both the suggested charging stops feature as well as suggested routes much better (if they saw people in real life constantly driving differently than the Nav suggestion for a particular area then most likely the route people are actually driving consistently is somehow more optimal).

It would be kind of like a system in constant evolution, not to different from biological evolution, a subject in which the original poster of this thread is one of the world's leading experts.

(I'm assuming it's Sir Professor Richard Dawkins driving from Oxford to Cambridge? You sir, are one of my scientific heroes, love your books on both evolution and atheism!)
Add to this a very slow redraw time on maps where one can easily miss a turn and this makes Tesla Navigation totally useless. As LargeHamCollider (I wonder what that is, btw) said, just use your phone. Sad but true.