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Navigation algorhythim

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Does navigation take into account traffic patterns or does it just calculate the shortest route. In LA navigation has recommended completely different routes going and returning from Pomona to Cal State Dominguez Hills. Whats up? Am I better off with Google Maps?
It takes into account traffic, assuming you’ve got the premium connectivity. Do you have the red and orange lines on the map indicating traffic?

I usually compare with Google Maps and Apple Maps and it is mostly the same, although it does appear to me that the car’s nav takes a shorter distance route rather than the quickest if there’s only a small increase in the time it takes. Probably there’s some logic in the algorithms to prefer the lowest energy route in terms of kWh used.
It uses traffic data across all models (premium connectivity option shows the traffic, but all use it for routing). You can also configure a rerouting threshold in terms of minutes saved by choosing a new route.

I'm not in dense areas so my opinion may be moot, but it's often similar to Google Maps routing. I've noticed it sometimes prefers snaking through backroads versus more primary roads, which I'm personally ok with.