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Navigation and Optimal Charging

With the new navigation, will it take into considering how much range you have left compared to your destination and recommend the best charging stations but also how much time to spend at those charging stations?

For example, since there's a dramatic decrease in SC charging after ~80% could it recommend only charging up to 75% if that would get you to your destination? Or, if you are only 50-75 miles away from your destination, would it suggest "only charge here for ~10 minutes?" Sometimes getting to your final destination faster is more important then waiting to "top" off.

I've got mixed answers, but today did pull up a nav with destination and think I selected "trip" and it seemed to show a suggested # of minutes under each charging station.

I have been on 2 long trips , what happens is that you put in the destination and it tells you that you have to stop a number of times. It gives you the percentage of charge at the first port of call and how long to charge. It might say charge for 30mins at Harris Ranch, 10 mins at Tejon . You can ignore the advice, it may also tell you 0 mins at a supercharger but you can stop if you like. As it is charging it also updates, so if you want to arrive with 30% charge you can watch the number charge until that comes in. I don't use miles as a range since percentage came in many updates ago. The miles was always bogus to me. Knowing the percentage of battery is far more accurate. I can tell you the system works very well. I only had one glitch in 800 miles where it claimed a 10 min charged needed but there was no way that was true.
I've taken 3 individual routes on roadtrips (250 miles, 450 miles and 450 miles one way) -- the nav sucks. It often tries to re-route me to some strange ass route to (I guess) save a fraction of a rated mile. I often have google maps running parallel to it.

That being said, it will fairly accurately tell you how much charge you have when you are arriving at the supercharger, and the charging time it pretty accurate too. I think with the more recent updates, the charging time reflects a 7% buffer, which I'm more or less comfortable with in the summer.