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Navigation sends me to the other side of higwhay for charging!


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Jul 14, 2013
North FL
This last Thursday I drove from CT to NH. No problems, used supercharges along the way and Tesla dedicated charger at the hotel.
On the way back, as I was approaching South side Hookset, NH supercharger, I realized, unfortunately too late, that the navigation was directing me to the North side charger! I figured that maybe something was wrong with south side, so I charged on North side. After a 10 mile loop up north and back, I stopped at South side and the charger was working fine. The nav tried again to direct me to the other side, this was crazy!
Later that day, in CT, on route 15, the navigation was showing me going on the side of the highway and redirecting me along the way. I had to cancel the navigation.
Anyone had problems with GPS breaking down?
Or is this a software issue? I am on 6.2.

Anyway, just pay attention going towards Hookset chargers. And don't trust the navigation blindly.
I had a similar problem with Milford, CT yesterday. I was heading southbound and it wanted me to charge northbound. I quickly remembered not to listen to the nav when I saw the rest area approaching, I pulled in and viola! Superchargers! I think I made the mistake of selecting the wrong one in the NAV (I only put in my next stop and will never let the NAV route my whole trip, until it gets better).