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NC Appraiser for Property Tax Bill

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Hey Folks -

If any of you happen to live in NC and bought your car a year or more ago... The state is valuing the car at more than what you could buy a new one for for tax purposes. In order to appeal the tax value of the car, they tell you that you can provide:

•A written appraisal performed by a dealer that clearly states the appraisal reflects the "clean retail value" as of the January 1 of the year in which the taxes are due

Has anyone done this? Would a trip to CarMax be sufficient? What's reasonable to pay to a "regular dealer" and will they even offer this kind of service?

A re-appraisal will probably knock 10%+ off the appraised value of the car, saving $70 or so... not that big a deal, but kind of the principle of it :)

Thanks for any thoughts.
attack7, did you ever figure anything out with a re-appraisal or appeal?

I got my model 3 standard in December of 2019 and my combined vehicle tax and registration which I just received has an appraised value ~10k more than what I paid new for the car.

Hopefully should be easy to appeal because its obviously wrong value but i'm interested in your experience.
Not really cogent to the discussion, but man… personal property taxes are incredibly offensive. It's bad enough to have to pay money because you own land, but for owning a car? C'mon.

I'm willing to bet where you live (which I think is California?) has "property taxes" on your car. That's the bulk of the dollar amount of most people's car tags. it's called Ad Valorem. It's not that unreasonable if you think about how much money the state pays for infrastructure for a car-based society