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Need advice re New Tesla S Config

So I'm upgrading my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D to a new one. I was planning on getting a long-range model but when I went on a test drive, they let me five the performance version. We turned on ludicrous + mode and I floored it. OH MY GOD! So blazing fast. Honestly, my current car goes 0-60 in 4 or 4.2 and that seems faster than hell. But 2.4? Jeez...

So this has me thinking. My old Tesla was like 105k. The current performance would be like 110k. I can kind of justify it. Sort of. 140k is just silly but 110 for top of the line....hmmmm...

Model S Performance
Ludicrous Mode
Red Multi-Coat
19" Silver Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Décor
Full Self-Driving Capability
Free Unlimited Supercharging

So I'm looking at the various options. I really love the red, especially with the white or cream interior. I actually have the rear arm rest in cream which I can bring forward if I go with cream. However, the white is so much cooler. But it's also probably pretty impractical. Suspect I'll stain it though I never really did stain my cream interior. The second thing is wood vs carbon fiber. I actually don't love carbon fiber but I suspect I'm in the minority and might have better resale with white/carbon than white/wood or cream/wood. Somebody mentioned the wood with the cream is getting upgraded?

Anyway, would love to get some advice. For those saying wait a year for plaid, meh... I'm ready to upgrade now.
All personal preference. I got carbon fiber. I think it will look trendy passe in five years. Couldn't get the dark wood I really wanted at the time but the carbon looked better than brown.

Hard to say if trends will swing back to tan. The white is hugely popular.

It's not like you are reselling a house and looking at the wall going "hmm, maybe the new buyers want a wall painted purple." None of the choices Tesla gives you are terrible.

Get what you like.
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My first Tesla (2015 85D) had the Carbon Fiber package which was one of my "must haves" when I was looking to buy that car. It was nice for sure but looked kind of fake to me.

When the car was wrecked and replaced with the 2019 I have now, I could only get it with the figured ash. To be honest, I like the ash a lot more as it gives the car more personality.

I do miss the alcantara lining the dash though. Kind of wish they didn't do away with that option.
Was in the same boat as you. Noticed that a new Long Range (100) model X is now selling new for less than I paid for my 17 X75.

More range (+100 miles) faster, much smoother suspension and the premium interior now comes standard and the HEPA filter is included.

Was also able to take a fresh Section 178 tax break, so it became a financial no brainer.

Bonus was getting faster charging and the latest V3 computer upgrade.

The new adaptive suspension makes a world of difference. Much smoother and more hushed ride now.
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I guess I was unclear. Any thoughts on the interior options?

We have a July 18’ 100d (pre raven) red in cream interior and love it :) even after 15 months the cream still looking new. Just keep a damp towel around and run it over them seats every 2-3 weeks and everything just cleans off easily.

The wood trim also accents well and the cream roofline also makes the interior feel larger and more open. Previously had a black interior which was nice as well.

Congrats :)


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