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Need Help - Center Console Install

I am trying to install a used center console into my 2015 model S. Do I need to remove the black plastic bottom? If so how do I do that?

Here are pics of my car and the console I'm trying to install.



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Ok i finally figured it out. Ill list out the step i did. Hopefully that will help someone in the future.

1. pop out armrest
2. pop out cup holder cover
3. pop out mic box (above 12v charger+usb)
4. pop off plastic stitched pieces on the sides of yacht floor area
5 slide center console in
6. pop back in plastic stitched pieces

if you want to take the yacht floor out you don't need to to steps 1-3 above
1. pop out cubby holder (under screen)
2. pop out small plastic piece behind the top of the yacht board
3. pull out yacht board