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Need Help Finding A Good Info Video On How To Use Tesla's Controls

Discussion in 'Model S' started by A2Sirbill, May 10, 2017.

  1. A2Sirbill

    A2Sirbill Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Chicago Area
    I lend my car (2016 P100D Model S) to friends and family on a fairly regular basis. The problem is every time someone borrows the car, I have to spend a fair amount of time showing them how to use the touch screen controls, autopilot, TACC & the other controls for voice audio and navigation.

    I really wish that Tesla would put out a detailed how to video for the use of the Tesla vehicle controls. Their has been some mention of Tesla doing a video in preparation of model 3 deliveries. Tesla has said that with the number of model 3 vehicles that will be delivered there won't be time for a delivery specialist to spend 30-60 minutes with each customer. I have heard the plan is to have large delivery wharehouses that customers will go to pick up their vehicles. The plan (from what I have heard) is to get delivery time down to 5-10 mins per vehicle. In an attempt to do that Tesla would send out a video to customers prior to them picking up their vehicle. The video would go over all the vehicles controls and how to use them in detail. This would eliminate the delivery specialist position for the model 3. I believe model S & X would still get the hands on approach because it would be expected due to the price point of the vehicles.

    So, it sounds like model 3 vehicles will be lined up in a wharehouse and customers will simply come in and sign their paperwork and go to their vehicle and head out.

    Sorry, I got off track. Does anyone know of a really good video that someone has done showing how to use Tesla's controls, touch panel, voice command etc. I could then send a link to the video to anyone that is going to borrow the car and save myself some time. It never fails that I show someone how to use the controls and end up getting several phone calls a short time later asking for help to figure out how to get something to work. Let's face it, it really is a lot of information to digest.

    Thanks to anyone who can point me to a good how to Video on using Tesla's controls.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.....If so, just tell me what section I should put it in?

    Take Care!!!
  2. BrettS

    BrettS Member

    Mar 28, 2017
    Orlando, FL
  3. bmah

    bmah Moderator, Model S/X, California Forums

    Mar 17, 2015
    Lafayette, CA, USA
    My first reaction (which I admit has nothing to do as far as answering your question) is whether the people borrowing your Tesla really need to know about all those different facets of operating it. Specifically, I'd be extremely hesitant to let a new user drive with autosteer on my S85D, without me sitting there with them anyway. In general, the very few people I've let drive my car were happy to just drive it, without using the various auxiliary systems (voice command, AP, etc.). Maybe I'm picturing a different use case than you are, so please forgive me if I've gotten it wrong.

    Part of me is also thinking that there's no substitute for actually getting in the car and trying out the different features, which can't really be captured by a short video. This is particularly true when Tesla keeps tweaking parts of the user interface (not for the core driving functions, fortunately).

    Not sure where I'm headed with this line of thought exactly, sorry for not really answering your question. :oops:

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  4. Blu Zap

    Blu Zap Grinning member

    Oct 1, 2014
    San Rafael, CA.
    I am with Bruce on this. First, I wouldn't let casual drivers have access to ALL the features, especially AP.
    People learn 3 ways. 1. reading 2. listening 3. learn by doing. The latter is the most effective and interactive. I can't see training any other way than taking them for a test drive with you in the passenger seat. Videos are available, but you will never know the competency level any other way. Good luck.
  5. Jason S

    Jason S Model S Sig Perf (P85)

    Apr 20, 2012
    Rocklin, CA
    Not a lot to do. Show 'em where the climate button is, where the shifter is, where the radio, nav, etc? The variations on button usage and the settings screens are not something people need to deal with very often.

    I've been more perplexed at the Mercedes Benz audio controls... actually any other cars audio controls tend to suck... than anything in a Tesla.
  6. brkaus

    brkaus Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2014
    Austin, TX
    I'd probably let the casual borrower use the 'valet' feature :)
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