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Need Help replacing door handle assembly

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I'm trying to get the left front door handle assembly out but the top left nut is behind the glass. I saw a video of someone doing this on the rear door and they said the window needs to be all the way up but since the door is open the glass is down an inch or so. Plus it looks like even if I did get the window all the way up I still might not be able to get to the nut....but I'm not sure.

Have any of you been thru this and know the trick????

Here is a video of the left front door handle removal and repair. Looks like window has to be down and trim removed.

Jackpot thank you thank you, thank you.

Love the trick for getting the window up and looks like that trick was for one of the other bolts than the top left.

Looks like the top left one you need to have the window down (as you said) and remove the outside chrome piece and window rubber, then just go behind the window with an open end wrench.

PS for anyone else that's doing this.
I bot a used assy on ebay for 169$ from LAglobal auto parts and it seems to work.
Tesla wanted 1100$ to do the job.
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Couple of things. You can buy the pivot gear assembly for less than 2 bucks from your Tesla Service Center. Took about a week to get it in, I bought four of them. Also, it's extremely easy to take the window out. The clamp bolt at the back and a single button you push at the front. I had to do the passenger side front.
when you removed the handle did you remove the window regulator as well???
The service manual has you remove the regulator AND the window.

I'm trying to remember, I don't think so. You do remove the control module, well you move it off to the side. It wasn't very difficult in any event. As others have said carefully look at the videos and you should do okay.