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Need Some advice: Chrome Delete or not? Powdercoat 21" Turbines in Satin Black or not

Hi guys,

So my first set of upgrades will be with getting a ceramic coat with PPF film and a super light tint. Also bought a rear spoiler in matte carbon fiber for the trunk. The shop that I am bringing it to asked me if I wanted to Chrome delete with satin Black as well as powdercoat the wheels satin black. At first, I didnt think I wanted to do it. But the more I think about it, I think it looks cool. There arent a lot of pics or vids of MSM model S with 21" turbines that have been powder coated black satin. I was worried that the car might be too dark since I have a black interior. But i saw a couple photos online that look promising. Do you guys think the Chrome delete takes away from the lux look of the car? also the turbines are nice as is, but they are almost same color as the paint, maybe a litl contrast would make a diff. I have a couple days to decide before I sent my ride in.

Here is my car stock:

tesla 2.jpg

and here is the only and best picture where i could kind of see what my car would look like with satin black wheels and chrome delete


Did you do it. I am currently debating the same thing. The picture you posted makes the MSM color look more charcoal. MSM can look blue/grayin certain light and I really want to see what it looks like. Can you post pics if you went with it?
If the car is new to you and you like it the way it is, wait and do it when you want a new look. I had the same thoughts as you, but every time I turn around in a parking lot, I love the way it is. I'm on my 4th year of ownership and have only tint, ceramic and Arachnids. Do what you want to look at. Who cares what we think. Enjoy!