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Need to be a US-Citizen to get Loan Approved from CU's?

Folks, i had strange experience with a Credit union regarding eligibility and i was told its the same with all Credit Unions.

Does one need to be a US-Citizen to get approved for Auto-loan from CU's ? (i'm on my work visa waiting for GC. Configured 3 on 4/13 hoping to get it delivered within next 4-5 weeks)
Yes i have an SSN been here in US since 2006.. i have a 30 yr mortgage with a bank too...
That's strange. You can get 30year mortgage, but can't get a 5year loan on a car. I say screw them and go somewhere else. I've had bad experience with CU too. They're very beurocratic and arrogant. I have a stellar FICO score of 820, and have credit card limit of up to 30k from other banks. Yet, they denied my credit card application. Go figure :)