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Need to remove footwell carpet and soundproofing

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As you see from my avatar, my Model 3 will be a student driver car. To do this I need to install passenger-side foot controls. It's a very standard kit which uses cables through housings similar to bicycle brakes or motorcycle clutches. The cables pull down the driver-side pedals. The kit is supposed to be nearly-universal for almost any car, but it's a bit fussy to get it right.

AAANYWAY... To do this I need to get to the bare metal firewall, to bolt the system to the sheet metal. Mine is RWD which may make this easier. I was recently under the car while it was lifted, and the mechanic removed the plastic so I could take a good look -- Nothing interferes from the underside.

So... Any tutorials, photos, videos or advice about removing the footwell carpet on both sides of a Model 3?
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