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Negative Carbon Road Trip

What's better than one EV in your Garage? How about Two! Please google " negative carbon road trip ". Brian Kent started driving his Nisson Leaf in New York and charged in my garage today on his way to driving to all lower 48 states,where he is planting trees everywhere he goes. Most people don't think that a Leaf can be a Long distance traveler, Brian is proving other wise. I honor this man for doing what's never been done. He's such a good guy, we became instant friends. We shared EV stories and experience and I invited him drive the Model S long enough that maybe next year he'll do it again, next time in a Tesla! Blessings on your Journey my new EV friend.
negative carbon roadtrip 1.jpg

negative carbon roadtrip 1 2.jpg

Brian Kent says, That's a post-Tesla grin, not a plain old EV grin.

brian kent tesla grin.jpg

Brian Kent, says, Gary Guest you're an amazing host, and a first-rate EV proponent. You get my vote to retire soon and take your evffusiveness on the road! You have a place to stay in upstate New York!

Gary Guest Brian, you are an Inspiration for me and the EV world with a Capital "I". Thank you for the Time you spent with me here in Bozeman, It was as much fun as it was very precious and informative. Thanks for your Vote, as soon as I do retire, Seeing you in New York with be "The Plan"! Happy Travels on Your continued Journey, Negative Carbon U.S. Road Trip #1!

Bravo! Brian and his Negative Carbon Road Trip is an inspiration to us all!

Love to see this kind of thing here. Trying to save the planet, not whining about what they were promised and didn't get.
Brian got to our place around 7pm last night. We contributed to his "negative carbon" by charging him with Texas solar power!


Plus, great video from our own stevejust of the event!

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