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Netherlands Shows World How to Advance Alternative Energy

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May 7, 2015
New Mexico
Dutch to Get World's First Subsidy-Free Offshore Wind Farm

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said: “This news shows zero-subsidy bids are possible for some developers in some markets not least where Governments take on and manage a share of the project risk. In this instance the Dutch Government taking care of the grid connection is a significant factor. Plus the Dutch Government has successfully minimized the risk linked to offshore wind by giving clear visibility about future market volumes. And the new Dutch Government has committed to bring in a carbon floor price at national level which will help the business case for offshore wind.

The public participates in infrastructure risk and the government institutes a carbon tax.
Who said obvious is hard ?

We'll see how it goes in the US once the psychopathic traitor and his cronies are taken out with the rest of the sewage.
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I've always said the German system for encouraging renewables is now a roadmap to subsidy-free wind and solar. Give renewables the tiniest leg up by flipping the tradition and giving them 24/7 grid priority at the wholesale level. Guarantee them a reasonable rate of payback for a set amount of time and you'll quickly have nothing but renewables.

I'm so sick of states setting mandates 20 years out. All the hard work can be handled in about a decade with very little public investment, let the market do the work.