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New 120D? - Also... 100D vs P100D?

The 100D was released in August 2016. I test drove an S P100D today and really liked it.... but... given this was released about 2 years ago, is a 110D / 120D out soon?

I'd be using the Tesla finance, and with the GFV's as high as they are, it wouldn't make sense to trade in if they did release a faster version down the road, until the term is up.

How soon do you think the new 110D / 120D will be released?

Also.... anyone with actual driving experience of the S 100D vs. S P100D? I'd prefer the P100D but I don't think it's worth an extra £300 a month. However, I know I'll look at it and think "hmm, that'd be nice" if I got the 100D and I saw a P100D lol!

Both are affordable but I hate wasting money as we all know, you have to work bloody hard to make it! :)

Are there any other benefits of the P100D over the 100D? I know all the P's come with Premium as standard, and carbon fibre spoiler.
...out soon?...

That's the problem with Tesla that keeps us guessing.

In February 2017, Elon said no:


He repeated another "no" 4 months after that:


It sounds like if you want more, you'll have to wait for 2020 Gen2 Roadster.
Elon did say that he has no plans to go higher than 100kwh battery in model s and x. Perhaps the battery technology will be improved to get more range from using a different cell type. The 100D can be uncorked bringing the 0-60 down to 4.1secs but some people have tested it and got 3.6secs so it’s very quick! The P models just have a bigger motor, fuse, red brake calioers and carbon spoiler. You can of course by a carbon spoiler aftermarket. The 100D is way fast enough for everyday use and would beat 99.9% cars at the lights!

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Here's my 2p-worth

is a 110D / 120D out soon

I doubt it, but when it does arrive its unlikely that anyone Joe Public will know beforehand. A "revamp" is more likely.

I recommend that your buying decision is based more on the Range you need. If you can make all your regular journeys on a 75 then no need for the 100. You could try using A Better route Planner to try some journeys that would take you "out of range" (it lets you choose Model / Heavy-footed-ness! / weather / etc. and then routes via Superchargers and thus you can compare Journey Time / Time-to-charge / stc.)

All model charge 10%-70% in the same time (above 80% the charge rate slows down dramatically), so with 100 you a) go further before having to charge and b) get more added-range more quickly

if they did release a faster version down the road

I have P90D (Insane, not Ludicrous). As I understand the difference Insane boost is effective 0-30MPH whereas Ludicrous maintains the boost 0-60 (and maybe beyond). So perhaps better for passing too.

I'd prefer the P100D but I don't think it's worth an extra £300 a month

I gave loads of launch-rides to mates when I first had it, now I rarely use P-mode at all. 90% (or more) of my driving is either motorway or town / bumper-to-bumper, a small percentage is country roads and being able to hustle is fun ... but rare.

I'm ancient, but when I was a kid the Car Poster I had on the wall was 0-60 in 5 seconds, and I thought that was the definition of mega-fast. Tesla doesn't make anything that slow :)

If I am driving, e.g. wifee as passenger, and car is NOT in Insane, and, say, there is a short gap to get onto a roundabout she hates it if I hope onto the roundabout [because I can], Unless she happens to be concentrating, in the way a driver would, it comes unexpectedly and makes her jump ... and if you don't have everything in the cockpit nailed down a Launch will sling it all into the boot :rolleyes: With P-mode it would be uncomfortable or her, rather than just alarming ...

Of course, using Man-Maths etc. etc. the next one I have might well be P-model too ... but ...

Not entirely sure, but I think P-Model on Range-Mode may eek out a bit more range (it can favour using one or other motor on its own optimise for cruising speed), but generally P-Model is regarded as having (fractionally) less range than S-Model

Much will depend on your driving habits. Mine does 27K miles per year, daily commute is 80 miles (so that in itself is a fair bit), and Supercharging (out of range) is a once or twice a month thing.

I get 220 real-world-miles on a warm day. I keep 20 miles "reserve" and I always charge to 100% if my journey is more than 160 miles (in case of detour / errand-request / foul weather).

The ABRP ranges I have come up with in the past are:

MS75D 324 Wh/mile, Range 203 (best to deduct e.g. 20 miles "buffer")
MS100D 324 Wh/mile, Range 274
MS P100D 340 Wh/mile, Range 260

For my MS P90D ABRP gives 340 Wh/mile, Range 217 - which is close-enough to my own experience of 220 miles, so hopefully the others are representative.

the 21" wheels will likely rob 20% range (compared to 19" wheels)

You'll be inundated with offers of referral code. Pick someone helpful, or a local mate. If you want to use mine you can have whatever swag comes with it - provided you come and pick it up!
I wouldn't expect anything above the 100 any time soon as it is going to require a chassis redesign from everything I've seen posted about the new batteries.

That will necessarily mean that any significant interior refresh on the S/X will be tied to the same chassis changes so anything beyond a cosmetic refresh really doen't seem likely (...or needed) any time soon.

Net result, I'd be very surprised if anything above the 100 was announced for the S/X this side of the Roadster 2 or M3 hitting full volume.
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I agree with Mark_T , doubt any meaningful refresh will happen soon, Tesla are too busy trying to get model 3 right. The current battery packs allow anyone to get around the country quite comfortably using the supercharging network, so I doubt they would make the car even heavier with more battery packs adding to weight and inefficiency which will take up more valuable cargo space.
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Elon did say that he has no plans to go higher than 100kwh battery in model s and x.
Perhaps the battery technology will be improved to get more range from using a different cell type.

- 120kWh for the Model S or X would requires getting the same cells as used for the Model 3

I don't know if the Gigafactory has enough capacity yet to produce the batteries for the Model 3, the Semi, and the Roadster.

- As long as the future Porsche Mission E, or other competitors, stay below 100 kWh, there is no need to use different cell type.

The sleek four-door sedan is expected to carry a 95 kWh battery pack good for 310 miles on a single charge.
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How soon do you think the new 110D / 120D will be released?

I'd say the next capacity upgrade for the S/X will come when the Model 3 waiting list gets below 6 digits (less than 100,000 waiting), possibly not until it gets to low 5 digits (less than 30,000 waiting).

But the caveat on that is that production would have to stay high enough to be ahead of Model 3 needs and the coming Model Y needs. Until they are sure they have enough cells for 3 and Y there won't be any reason to upgrade S and X.

Could be late 2018, any time in 2019, or even sometime in 2020. I wouldn't rule out anything but your big clue will be to watch the Model 3 reservation queue (and by proxy the delay quoted for a new non owner order).

And if they do it with a 3/Y queue that isn't empty expect the upgrade pack to have a hefty surcharge in Dollars. To improve profitability by way of a "luxury tax" so to speak.
When Elon released the 100D he commented that this was about as large a battery as they could fit in the car. Indicated that not much benefit would be gained by going larger. Put advanced cooling and design into the 100 to advance the art and called it a day.

On the other hand, Tesla has a policy of constant improvement, and has made quite a few improvements in the Model S since August 2016, so the current car is even better than a couple years ago.

Waiting for the next big improvement is kind of a thing with prospective Tesla owners, however timing improvements has been a difficult task as nobody seems to know when the next enhancement will take place.

100D is a solid car and a great performer with world class EV range. They make the P100D for the customer that wants the best and fastest..the top of the line. No real need for it, but lots of people seem to want it, and make the stretch to own one.
I went from a 85 to a P100D. I think I did it to firmly move my ICE performance car to the "fun to drive classic" category! ;)

The main difference is that you get an immediate launch like no other, but have never used Ludicrous mode (don't like the idea that it is degrading the batteries).The 85 seemed to ramp up the power with full torque not being available till 30mph or so.

Once moving, the 85 didn't feel that much slower on surface streets, though perhaps so above highway speeds.

So if launching from standstill is important to you - go for a P model. Otherwise any other is just fine.
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