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New CNN Article about the Model X Configuration Launch

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And they have managed to quote me out of context so that it appears we (Tesla customers) think a $132k car is not that expensive. Sigh. I guess I'll have to add a "do not quote me" line in my signature…
The six-figure price didn't seem to shock Tesla customers.

Hey, the good point is that they tried to verify my claim that the most expensive MS one could buy is $143000. They somehow found $138000. Don't know how.

Btw, just double checking myself, the max price for the MS is actually $143,750, exactly like the top of the line Sig MX ! I had selected a standard pain instead of MC rad ($1,000 vs $1,500) and obèche wood décor instead of CF ($750 vs $1,000.

Ps: thanks to Electric700 and marcad80 for the article link and the heads-up. ;-)
terrible article. the author thinks the base price is $132k and saying that the MX costs 80% more than the Model S. either the author is stupid or they are trying to generate click bait headlines.

pretty much they are all junk full of BS with little thought

the X price is really not too bad.
expensive, yes
but they never even mentioned that the falcon wings actually make flight possible...if you wonder why they haven't let the 'cat out of the bag'?
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And with CNN automatically autoplaying video even if you don't click on it the site is almost unusable now. They'll even replay the exact same 15-30 second ad over and over again if you click multiple stories.
That irritated me so much I blocked their CDN with a network-level filter.

Can you provide a link or describe how to do this on a Mac with Safari? I tried doing a search for
blocking CDN with a network-level filter

I don't mind CNNs website now and then but mainly want to stop the video from autoplaying.
Can you provide a link or describe how to do this on a Mac with Safari?
I don't use Safari, but apparently you can get AdBlock Plus for it. https://adblockplus.org/en/safari That would be application-level filtering, but should have the same effect.

You don't need to subscribe to any of the filter subscriptions. What you need to do is make a custom filter rule that blocks access to the subdomain the videos come from; they all came from ht3.cdn.turner.com when I tried.

A filter rule should look something like this:

Add that to the Custom Filters section of ABP's Filter Preferences and see what happens. What should happen is all videos will fail to play until you turn the filter off.

There's many other ways to do this too.