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New Deliveries, check your UMC contains a 3 pin UK plug!

Just a heads up, I ticked off the UMC being present on my mental list when I saw the black bag in the boot on collecting my 3 today. Just had a look at its contents and its EU only.

Luckily I've got a tethered pod point, but I'd be snookered if I hadn't, worth checking the content of the bag on delivery!
You are lucky! Demand a UK 3 pin adapter from Tesla, to which you are entitled. Hold on to the EU one, which you thus get for free.
Mine had 3 pin and commando, but would quite like to get my hands on the EU adaptor eventually.
Top tip: Don't assume as you have an EU adaptor it will work on the continent. I did a 1500 mile France trip this summer, and was advised I need 2 different adaptors, the two adaptors look virtually identical, the difference is that one operates on a reverse polarity so depending on where you are visiting depends on which adaptor you require. France is a bit of a funny one. As it was I ended up solely using Superchargers.
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