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New delivery, MYP VIN 134xxx, 3/3 build. Paint perfect, two panel flaws.

Hello all! Took delivery of my MYP with tow hitch and FSD Saturday in Cleveland Ohio. Car was manufactured 3/3/21 and came with all the current refresh upgrades including the new headlights that come on the performance Model Ys only as of now. Other improvements for people that may be reading, double paned windows, heated steering wheel, refreshed center console, auto dimming mirrors, likely the 82kwh battery based on a rough calculation, and stamped rear.

They didn't have the car cleaned up very well but that was partially my fault. Changed the delivery from Clarkston, MI to Cleveland, OH two days prior as it was going to take almost a week to get a truck to take it to Michigan. FYI, all vehicles destined to Michigan go through Ohio first. They also have to be fully funded before they're allowed across the border. Something stupid Michigan does because they are obsessed with the traditional dealership. My communication with everyone along the way and especially Dave from Cleveland was amazing.

I used a checklist found on here to go over the car. Overall I was really happy with the condition. Minor things included a little moisture in one of the brake lights however there is a pinhole that moisture to escape. I noticed a small alignment issue on the left side of the hood to where the fender was pushed down a little further than where the hood started. The biggest issue unfortunately I didn't notice until I got home. Still not a huge deal and I could live with it, however I noticed the upper back left of the rear hatch is not aligned correctly. I scheduled both of these to be looked at in the app and attached pictures as well as a mobile service technician to install the Homelink module. I still really wish the car came with that and I'm surprised that doesn't. Just take the 300 and add it into the cost and none of us would know the difference.

I prepped the car yesterday to install a paint protection film today once it's delivered on everything starting at the rear doors forward. The paint and glass was almost 100% flawless. There is a teeny tiny speck on the bottom left of the bumper but was more than likely one single rock chip on my 200 mile drive home. I put the Tesla front mud flaps on before I left the dealer and was worried about the rear door fenders. Drove carefully and made sure not to follow anyone. Both fenders made it without a single ding or chip as well thankfully. There is a small scratch on the top glass, maybe an imperfection but you have to really be looking for things to find it. I was wearing a headlight 😂

Happy to be a part of the community! Has anyone else had the rear hatch misaligned and have it fixed by mobile service or by taking it in?

Do you have a link to that checklist, I'm about to pick mine up this week and realized it might be better than doing it from memory.
Glad your experience was still positive even if there were a few issues