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New door sills

Does anyone have pictures of the new metal(?) door sills?

The metal sills have been around since the introduction of the Dual Engine Model S.... almost a year now.... Is there something even "Newer" that I am not aware of???

Hey that is OK. There is a lot to keep track of and some of these items are very subtile.
A while back I saw a post here that had a photo of one of the metal door sills that the owner purchased and
applied inside the upper shelf area of his frunk. It looked rather nice IMHO.

BTW, when TM came out with the new sills, it was totally unannounced. There has been no mention of them
in any formal manner that I am aware of.
I have the original door sills and tried to upgrade them. The Palo Alto and Fremont SCs refused to sell them to me and said only owners of P85 and 85D owners can purchase them which sucks. I have an S85. They also told me that they scratch very easily so if I am concerned about scuffs on my current door sills then add leather/vinyl protectant and I will be better off.
Looks pretty nice. Did you install them? Care to share some pictures?

I put them in my early VIN car, and installed them myself with a tape measure, marking off where the ends needed to be with painters tape, then did Armor all over them and the rest of the sill. the covered most of the scratches nicely and made the other ones less noticeable as your eye is drawn toward the "Model S" wordmark. Sorry, no pics of it as it never occurred to me to take any and it is now dark outside. Maybe tomorrow if I remember.