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New FSD Video

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Not as good as this one:
That's super-impressive. There were lots of pedestrians, crosswalks and left-turns with opposing traffic to deal with. Also, impressive that it went around that car that was semi-blocking the lane to the right.

I wonder if there'd be some value in autonomously driving cars - at least in the beginning - to have some sort of indication that they are so; maybe some sort of new lighting..... as we make the adjustment, it might increase safety, particularly for pedestrians or for other situations in which eye contact with the driver traditionally adds to decision making.
Looking at this video now after not seeing it for months its a bit clearer that its fake/staged. The main thing being, how does the car know where its going? There is no active navigation on the center screen...so the only way the car would know where to go is if there is someone in the back seat controlling the car OR they pre-programmed the route and the auto-pilot/FSD just goes to that point when activated. Either way would have liked to see the back seat to ensure its truly FSD.