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New Inventory Unit Purchase Timeline


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Apr 26, 2016
So due to some unexpected events with my Bolt and its HV battery recall, it looks like I will be having GM repurchase my Bolt (for waaaay more than it is otherwise worth). Assuming I proceed, that means I'll need some new wheels. I love the Bolt and everything, but it would be nice to have something a little bigger. Looking at vehicles around the same price zip code as my Bolt, the SR Model Y is really the only game in town as far as bigger all-electric SUVs (CUV, whatever). Yeah, the Bolt guy is actually considering buying a Tesla. Hell hath frozen over!

Unfortunately, Tesla killed the SR Y, but I see that several inventory units are available at the DC store near me. If I were to place a deposit on one of them, how quickly should I expect to be able to pick it up?
Best to discuss with Tesla and the SA assigned to you. But yes, you should have some flexibility in that. Usually when nearing the end of a quarter they will push to deliver before the end of that quarter, for their sales numbers. So end of March may be as far as they will want to push it so it gets counted in Q1, but again check with your SA to see. Other service centers may push to get it out ASAP due to limited lot space, do not want "sold" cars taking up space.
First, i want to remind you that you can still order a new one 'off menu'. the best way to do this is to visit a local Tesla Showroom and speak in person with a Tesla rep. This may make it easier to specify your preferred delivery date. I ordered SR MY online in early January, and they gave me a delivery date that was too soon. I asked to delay it for two weeks, and they quickly agreed. but, that was then, and this is now! Good luck!