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New Inverter AC unit

When Tesla installed my 2 Powerwalls, they could not backup my AC unit because the LRA was too high at 147. This was a new AC unit and my Son who owns an HVAC company had done the install. He called a few weeks ago and said no problem dad, I'll swap that unit out for a 4 ton Inverter system where there is no LRA.
He did that this last week and so my question is whether I should contact Tesla and ask if they can send someone out to move that circuit from non backup to backed up? In the case of a power outage in our Sacramento summers, it would then be my choice on whether to run the AC during the blackout or not. Attached are pics of the previous high LRA unit and the Inverter unit.
Appreciate comments.
You can try, but I havent read of anyone being successful in getting tesla to come back out and do something like this in that circumstance. Will be interesting to see if they will agree to do something like this, or follow the stickers that generally say "do not add anything to this backup panel".
I think it'll be tough to determine this without knowing how your system is now set up with the two Powerwalls.

For example, were all your home loads in one load center before, and Tesla actually broke out your loads into a critical loads backup and non-backup panel? If this is the case I think it’ll be easier-ish to try and move the AC back.

Or did you always have your air conditioner on a separate sub panel, and Tesla simply excluded it from your backup loads? If this is the case I think moving the AC to your backup panel will be tougher.

Based on my limited experience with this on my own home, moving the air conditioning breakers to a new panel will need to get permitted since there’s a chance you overload the panel that you move the AC breaker onto. And in my experience some electricians don’t want to touch stuff behind the Tesla energy gateway since it’s not tech that they’re familiar with.

I agree with JJandorin that this isn’t something Tesla will handle for you unless you can get Elon to tweet on your behalf.